1. Greenhouse Compilation

    Greenhouse Compilation

  2. Alaskan Purple

    Alaskan Purple

  3. Greenhouse


    Getting full! Day 3
  4. Blackout Greenhouse

    Blackout Greenhouse

    Day 1 blackout 7pm to......
  5. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  6. Greenhouse


    Getting full
  7. Gelato


    Starting to flower
  8. Blackout Arm

    Blackout Arm

    Swings up and over no problem
  9. Blackout Arm

    Blackout Arm

    It's happening!
  10. Greenhouse Blackout

    Greenhouse Blackout

    Plan B. Monster It's a cross of designs I think thx Monster!!!
  11. Greenhouse


    It's happening!!!
  12. Black out greenhouse design

    Black out greenhouse design

  13. M

    Ebb & Flow buckets - Are they noisy? And if powercut what would happen?

    Hello, I have a 3x3 grow tent and my next purchase would be ebb and flow buckets, particularly the 6-Site Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Grow System. If you have other suggestion please tell me. My question is, will this be a noisy set up? I will be growing in a condominium flat. I don't want...
  14. H

    How to build a blackout shelter for outdoor plant to induce flowering

    Looking for some advice for growing a single high quality Jack Herer (non-auto) in my greenhouse. If all goes well, I’m expecting this Sativa dominant plant to reach about 8+ feet in height, as it will be planted in the ground. And probably about 3 feet in diameter. (Does anyone here have any...
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