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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Marijuana Tax Revenue Should Pay For Public Education On Risks Of Using Drugs

    Revenue from tax on legal marijuana in Canada should go in part towards public education to teach young people about the risks of drugs, says Liberal MP Bill Blair. "Revenue generated from this should be reinvested in research, in prevention, in public education, in treatment and...
  2. R

    Canada: Ex-Colleague Will Lobby MP Bill Blair To Restrict Field Of Pot Growers

    A former high-ranking colleague and friend of MP Bill Blair, the Liberal government's point man on marijuana legalization, will lobby the ex-Toronto police chief in hopes of ensuring a tightly controlled system in which only licensed firms are allowed to grow the lucrative drug. Kim Derry, a...
  3. R

    Canada: Kathleen Wynne Backs Bill Blair To Spearhead Marijuana Legalization

    The Blair roach project has won a powerful supporter. Premier Kathleen Wynne said she is pleased Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, now Scarborough Southwest MP, to lead the marijuana legalization efforts. "I have a lot of respect for Bill...
  4. R

    Ontario Marijuana Grower 'Ready To Expand' Under Liberals

    As Ottawa prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, the 27 companies licensed to grow and sell medical pot in Canada are getting ready to cash in. Ontario grower Tweed is among those planning to expand. The company grows about one-quarter of all medical marijuana sold in Canada, on the...
  5. R

    Bill Blair: Trudeau's Point Man For Marijuana in Canada?

    CBC is reporting this morning that Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief and now member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest, will be given a lead role in the Liberal push to legalize marijuana. But Mr. Blair is one of many prominent candidates in the last election who were not given a...