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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: A Veteran Pot Farmer Mourns Passing Of A More Paranoid, Profitable Way Of Life

    Tim Blake has been pursued by police, arrested, jailed, ripped off in the fields by thuggish neighbors and hogtied by Hell's Angels. Naturally, he is one of Mendocino County's most upstanding citizens. Blake is a longtime cannabis grower and entrepreneur. His Healing Harvest farm produces...
  2. K

    FL: Medical Marijuana Consulting Company Opens In Mandarin

    Jacksonville, FL – Guadalupe Osteen said she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder years ago, and said the medication prescribed to help her has made her feel worse. "Knowing you have to wake up and not be normal, and you have to depend on a medication to...
  3. K

    WA: Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Parents To Administer Marijuana At Schools

    A bill seeking to allow parents of students who are prescribed medical marijuana products by their physician to apply them at state schools has been introduced into the Washington state House of Representatives. House Bill 1060 was introduced by 19th District Reps. Jim Walsh and Brian Blake...
  4. R

    Pesticides On MMJ Force Huge Pot Contest, The Emerald Cup, To Tighten Its Rules

    The world's biggest cannabis contest will tighten its contamination rules and publish the names of growers and dispensaries who fail screenings for pesticides and residual solvents, Legalization Nation has learned. The Emerald Cup, held in December in Santa Rosa each year, also will add...