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  1. MR_JS1_20200423_FlWk8Day121_X.jpg


    Bleached tips piss me off. The light is high up and these two colas as rent even the tallest or directly under the light.
  2. C

    Deficiency Diagnosis

    Very new to all this. I will try my best to follow the rules. I am getting what appears to be white curling tips. ??? I see blotches on some leaves and doing a google search sends me spiraling. The closest I came to googling the blotches is a phosphorous deficiency. The tips and curling I...
  3. Far East Buds

    Light Bleaching

    So I run a T5,2x4 that draws like 480W. I had been running it at half power for the summer to avoid the heat. I recently turned it back on full power and recall I use to get bleaching of the leaves.... I was wondering how this effects the plants. It is in Veg as in flower I get a little...
  4. A

    Can I save them?

    Hello, Autoflowering strain - Blue Mammoth, Malana and +speed time - DAY 66 into flowering coco + compost + perlite grow bag non woven - 4-5 gal nutrient - calmag plus, florablend, hydroguard, fish emulsion + seaweed water ph - 6.5 run off ph - 6.4-6.7 INDOOR 400W HPS - Magnetic...
  5. L

    Clarification on hair and dying

    There has been some more mis information floating around regarding hair treatment , called the bleach and re dye method. Melanin does not carry THC, other drugs yes but not THC. The myth put out there about bleaching and re dying is promoted by the same folks who are in error about different...
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