1. magicfingers

    Abandoned Green Crack - First Time Grow - Updates Daily - Advice Tips Etc Welcomed

    Hello! My name is Magic and I am an indoor grower from New England. I would love to share with you all my progress and keep a steady dedicated blog post to help others even! Ordered my seeds from the King and I'm super excited to say that 6/6 seeds germinated and I still have 6 left of the order...
  2. HashGirl

    Blog Help Needed

    I created a new Blog category and all my uncategorized blogs are now in there. Is there an easy way to empty them from there and have them in the Uncategorized folder instead rather than having to open and edit each one's categories?
  3. growguyphd

    Help with removing blog post

    Hi everyone. I need guidance on how to remove a blog post. I copied my grow journal to a blog but the pics didn't copy with the text. I started a new thread in the grow journal forum this one has the pics so I want to delete blog post, but it wont let me delete it.
  4. growguyphd

    Help adding pics to blog

    I need help adding pics to my blog. I originally copied and pasted my blog from ms word into the blog window but photos did not come with it. If I use the add pic tool on top of window it asks for a url. Can anybody help.
  5. Cannafan

    420 Magazine Blog Q & A

    Hello, and if you have arrived here you probably have some questions on starting your own Blog here on 420 magazine. I enjoy this feature of the website, but there can be questions that come up as you use it that you can't find a help tab for to explain it. I am going to start it with one of...
  6. S

    Auto White Widow 92w total Grow

    I have been growing weed for about 3 weeks now and have been posting to youtubeto show the aging of a plant by day. Ive been hoping for more views . Some viewers who may also be growers that could give advice to a novice or just a thumbs check it out
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