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    Weed Match - Bloody Skunk vs Bloody Skunk vs Red Poison

    1 Red Poison in 11L Soil will compete with 2 Bloody Skunk in 25 and 11 liters respectively. - Bloody Skunk genetics is " Sweet Skunk x Red Poison", and so far Bloody Skunk is my favorite weed, but I never tasted Red Poison, which I saw in other people's grows, and it looks sweet. - Bloody...
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    Can anyone help sex my two plants? Preflower

    I realise these are quite early on, they were bloody hard to photograph! thanks for your help.
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    Thunder Bloody Mary Autoflower

    This is a Thunder Bloody Mary, Samsera Seeds. I've grown this strain once before. It was the second autoflower I had grown, and I really messed it up. Screwed up nutrients and she was overfed, also overheated, and I was experimenting with different lights. After all that, the plant still managed...