bloom booster

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    Bloom mix
  2. S

    Anyone use these boosters?

    here is list: Terpinator Soil Balance (organic) Massive Bloom Mammonth
  3. F

    Christmas comes late but what to put under the tree?

    Headed to the hydro store with Christmas money in hand. Plants are 2 weeks into flower(little white hairs on all the girls). Growing a Dr. Krippling(Grand Heft Auto) and 5 Nirvana indoor strains(Master Kush, Aurora Indica, Pure Power Plant, Super Skunk & Haze) under 1000w hps. Using a soil, peat...
  4. ItsTimmyMan

    NPK ratios best for flowering? Dutch Master Potash + for flowering?

    So basically I've got some bloom booster and wondering what you guys think of it. 4% Phosphate, 9% Soluble Potash, .003% Boron, .00007 Copper, .00007 Manganese, .00007 Zinc. Would this be any good in flowering stage? Any advice would be good :)
  5. Y

    Bloom Booster with HESI soil kit

    hi everyone. i am first time grower. i have 7 plants at the 10th day of flowering period. i have a 600w hps bulb. im using HESI soil kit. do i need to use any bloom boosters beside hesi nut kit? kit includes hesi bloom complex currently am using. thanks for any advice. peace.
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