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  1. MyPrivateBud

    Bloom Boxers Out There?

    Hello everyone! Just purchased a BC Northern Lights "Bloom Box" with the blue buttons Does anybody know if there is a "Bloom Box" forum here? :peace2: MyPrivateBud
  2. alientic

    Alientic's 5th Grow — Bloom Box Sensi Seeds Big Bud Feminized

    :welcome: So I packed up the Cool Cab and now I'm using the Bloom Box from BC Northern Lights (BCNL) and I'm back to using Advanced Nutrients :rollit: I'll be using Sensi Seeds Big Bud this time around. So let's get this show on the road. The pics below were taken on 3/4/10
  3. M

    BBBG - BloomBox Blackberry Grow

    Well I'm excited! I recieved my BloomBox and set it up out in the garage. These are actually the Strawberry Cough I put in my other DW hydro System. I got some Blackberry clones from a friend to put in here. I'll put up those pics in my next batch. T
  4. Profit

    Profits Master Kush Bloombox Hydro Grow

    Hi Everyone, I have invested into the following setup and am starting my very first hydro grow I hope you enjoy! Setup: 1 Brand New Bloombox unit by BC Northern Lights Features: *White powder coated finish to utilize maximum reflectivity, providing Over 90,000 lumens of light to the...
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