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bloom cycle

  1. S

    Extra lighting at end of bud cycle?

    Ive been wondering if I gave my gurls extra lighting at tha final week or two if itd do any harm?? Or if they would benefit from it?? Cuz I got a neighbor who seems to have started blooming indoors and is finishing them off OUTDOOR now(for about a month or so, SOOO does any1 suggest FOR or...
  2. L

    Blooming stage crisis!

    Okay soo Basically, I had someone taking care of my plants while I was at work. This person removed important items from my grow room. This left me with Blooming plants. But no humidifier, & 2 other components that I'm not sure what they are I have the food, & lights, & a few fans. My grow...
  3. Growing247

    Using fireplace ashes in your garden - discuss here.

    Hello everyone. This is an article I found about using fireplace ashes in your garden. I wanted to know what everyone thought about if using ash in small quantities would be a good idea for growing marijuana. Particularly in the bloom cycle. I am looking into ways to cut down on expensive...
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