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  1. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  2. I

    Dyna Gro question

    Using dyna gro for my outdoor plants, and just switched from grow to bloom. Just ordered protekt after reading about it and wondered if I can mix protekt and bloom in the same watering can?
  3. cannilingus

    Common for me - Bloom time problems

    too much stuff? i dont give me much. or, is this just normal? these, are on aurora indica, at week 6. in bloom.
  4. R

    Best time to begin using the bloom spectrum

    Hi All! 2 weeks into my 4th grow. I recently got a 400w Meizhi led with veg/bloom switch. At the wall with both sections on the light draws about 172 watts that breaks down to 116 - veg and 56 - bloom. When should I start to use the bloom? Before changing the photo period or when the photo...
  5. G

    First Grow - Unknown Strain

    Hi, Ive been growing my unknown strain on a 18/6 light cycle for 8 weeks now. Light for Vegetative: 250W+125W CFL + 580W LED bar (Chinese but it seems to be working ok) Light for Bloom; GIB 600 W PURE BLOOM XTREAM OUTPUT W/LUMATEK ballast Tent; 120x120x220cm (4x4x7) Temp during light: 24-26C...
  6. M

    Nutes and fungi & pest control in EU

    Hello, major population of this forum prob lives across the ocean from me so most of the existing threads have info about Nutrients and Control tolls i have no access to. My site to buy from so far seems to be -hydroponics e u ( if somone knows better in eu please info) Now i need 2...
  7. S

    really need help on nute to 2 ltr only

    brought a trio pack of foxfarms gro big bloom tiger bloom been emailing foxfarms to see how many ml to 2 liter bottle only but no help at all as I growing with a mars 2 400w so takes a while to dry out the soil I use is suregrow soil (great 100% germination) and led is new to me but got...
  8. Why Doe

    Help me buy nutes

    With the million different brands and all the different kinds the more I learn the more lost I get lol. I bought the fox farm trio, grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom, off amazon before doing a bunch of research and learning there are better things you can use. I'd like to just use them since I...
  9. B

    My first post - Just still learning - Few questions

    This has been quite the informative forum, and the knowledge here is quite impressive. There are literally THOUSANDS of sites, threads, and forums on these topics, and throughout months of reading, I somehow ended up her the last two days. While I understand some of the terminology, some is...
  10. D

    What is the correct way to run your light

    HI ALL .i am new to indoor growing have a mars 2 1600 , and ready fur my second run , when i go to bloom should i run both veg and bloom spectrum's together , i did last run and was very hot , trouble controlling my temps it was a hot summer here, looking for sound advice from experienced...
  11. PhobosAnomaly

    Quake Widows - White Widow Autofem x2

    Strain < White Widow Autofem - ILGM > Breeder Plant type Feminized Autoflower Sativa or Indica 40% - 60% Indica dominant THC Level High at 18% CBD (Medical) Medium Height Compact (50/60 cm - 20"/24") Yield Low (±120 gr/m² - ±4 oz/3ft²) Flowering period Average (56 days) Climate Average /...
  12. P

    Questions on Mars II LED Grow Light 400W

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I have a question regarding the Mars II LED grow light. Mine has two switches: One for the Vegetative ( Blue, White and Red )and one for Bloom ( Red and White ). It's been 2 weeks now that I started flowering my beautiful plant under the flowering...
  13. J

    HB-101 or black magic bloom boost

    Hey ppl...i bought a bottle of black magic bloom boost from home depot almost a week ago and it seems to be worth the $30 i spent on it because the buds are swelling up fast. Anyway has anyone tried black magic bloom boost and what were your results? Also i got a few samples of HB-101 and was...
  14. J

    Black magic bloom boost?

    Has anyone tried Black magic bloom boost at home depot? Im pretty sure its specifically made for marijuana from what the packaging says. Anyways id appreciate any feedback!
  15. C

    Sick plants need help!

    I am currently on my first grow using a hydro - drain to waste system with rockwool cubes inside clay beads. Lights - P300 platinum LED @ 20hr light - 4hrs dark - bloom and veg lights on Strain - 2x unknown(bag seeds - 2 plants two unknown strains) Age - 8 weeks (transitioning) Water - 3...
  16. Mindcontrol

    Mindcontrol AK-48 300Watt LED Hydro Tent - 2017

    Hello and cheers! Mindcontrol here! ready to report on my newest mission! I am a returning 420 member! here is what I am working with...... one bag seed (unknown) ( about to flip into bloom ) 3 ak48 nirvana seeds (on route now) Hydro- coco coir square plastic 1 gallon pot...
  17. Lilface2016

    Switching organic nutrients in mid-cycle

    i have been using- "flying skull; Micro; grow; bloom, and flying skull root cleanser. I'm about to switch to 12/12 and was wondering if going to fox farm big bloom, for flowering?
  18. I

    IHaze's Crop King Auto Mix In Soil 2017 New Years Grow

    Haven't grown weed for 17 years but decided to give it another go. I am a fruit/vegetable grower. Genetics: 10 pack of random crop king autoflower mix pack. Sprouted 6 seeds right after Christmas 2016 and started new years day 2017. 1/1/17 is day one with 6 little plants poped up and first...
  19. P

    600 Watt LED question

    My light has a veg switch and a Bloom switch. My plants are about 7" now, I just started with this new light and I'm not familiar,( ok I'm a real newbie). My question is , do I run just the veg. or do I turn both, veg. and bloom on?
  20. P

    Starting with 600 watt LED

    I have a 600 watt LED light I just started using, my girls are about 7" ... my light has a veg. And a bloom switch. My question is should I start with just the veg. or do I turn on the bloom also for full spectrum????
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