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  1. G

    Bloombox or DIY?

    Hello all you 420 people out there. I am new here and just going to start my own grow. I have done it before but only on a very small scale with limited lighting and that was a long time ago. With the stuff that is available today I am a little torn as to which way to go. There is...
  2. Sonora

    Bloomin' In A Box

    :Namaste: I am going to share my new grow with all who are interested. I will be growing 3 seeds of Crop King White Widow, in a BCNL BloomBox. White Widow is my go-to strain. It's hearty and resistant to all you throw at it, a great combination of yield and potency, and can dialed in to bring...
  3. W

    First BloomBox Grow

    Hey guys... I've been quietly creeping on the site and decided to post some pictures of my setup.. I didn't take pictures everyday but ill try to keep you guys filled in as much as possible...
  4. MissBud

    MissBud and Her K-Train

    Hello again 420!!:cheer2::circle-of-love::circle-of-love::adore::high-five: This is my second grow, the first one would not have been possible without all of your guys and gals help:adore: well...here goes round 2!!!:high-five::cheer2::Love: What strain is it? K-Train (OG kush X Trainwreck)...
  5. A

    1st Bloombox Grow - Big Bud - Cheese

    I am very new to all of this and I am ready to embark on this exciting journey with BC Northern-lights Bloombox... I hope you all will follow me on this journey and help me out throughout the process. I have done most of my research and BC Northern-lights comes with step by step instructions...
  6. o2much4me

    Looking for a used BloomBox Is this a good deal?

    I know where there is a BloomBox for sale used $2199 & still under warranty too. It is in DFW TX though on craigslist. looks pretty good even has a snap on decal & looks like a tool box. Says T5 upgrade & a co2 tank... Is this a good deal & worth the drive to DFW TX ? wonder what shipping would...
  7. R

    hello all, new to forum, about to start grow log soon

    Hey, I'm ready to buckle down and do this for real, i've been studying and preparing. I will be doing a grow journal documenting my progress, hopefully in an attempt to get help if need be. Stay tuned, white widow seeds on the way, bloombox on its way. Havent decided whether i will start with...
  8. X

    Xlr8's PPP and Snow White grow cab journal 2009

    Hi all - I thought I would attempt to journal my first grow - first of all, I welcome constructive feedback, and feel free to give any valuable advice you might have here! A few details - Really only trying to provide for myself, so this is small scale. I'm starting with PPP and Snow...
  9. X

    Hey from Xlr8

    Hi all - Excited to become part of the community. A couple of years ago I returned to MJ as a way to combat chronic back pain due to severe disc degeneration, and found it a great way to help cope with these things, and much better than all of the other crap they wanted to prescribe me...
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