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  1. G

    Blooming nutrients during vegetative stage?

    Hi Guys, is it ok to give blooming nutrients during the vegetative stage? Can this do any harm to the plant or actually will give additional boost? Talking about outdoors if this matters at all. Thanks

    How much longer before harvesting?

    I have a Blueberry Kush plant in about 4 weeks into flowering, I've been feeding it Terpinator, General Hydroponic's Microbloom and Microgrow, and pH up. I feed it nutrients every 2 days and water it everyday. The plant is about 2 feet and 6 inches tall. About how much longer before harvesting...
  3. Suren1987

    When to harvest?

    I have seen a lot of videos and posts about when to harvest, but wanted to bring this question up here, just to make sure I understand when is the best time. Here is my recent picture of my plant, I planted it back in the middle of December, and flipped the switch to 12/12 around mid...
  4. M

    Second Flowering Stage

    Hi all, as said in another thread, I'm growing 1 Peppermint Kush (barney's farm). 3-4 weeks into flowering, grow room 60 x 60 x 140, soil medium (18l pot), Led Apollo4-like (150w, 3w chip), full Hesi nutes. Hesi produces 2 nutes (Hesi Fosfor Plus - Hesi Boost) which have to be given to the...
  5. L

    Blooming stage crisis!

    Okay soo Basically, I had someone taking care of my plants while I was at work. This person removed important items from my grow room. This left me with Blooming plants. But no humidifier, & 2 other components that I'm not sure what they are I have the food, & lights, & a few fans. My grow...
  6. G

    Can I Trim this late into flowering?

    False start, see next post.
  7. M

    dwc with no power! what do I do?

    I'm going to be in the 5th week of flowering when the electricty goes off for 10 hours next week. How do I keep her alive with no air pump to keep the bubbles flowing?!?! will she be alright for 10 hours in the dark without an air pump?
  8. fineas

    jamaican bat guano used w/floranova?

    Hi guys, I just put my large plants into 12/12 and am using GH flora nova bloom. Is using Jamaican ban guano as directed on container safe to add to the solution (all hydroponic)to enhance the blooming phase? Should this be used instead of flora nova? Would it be better for my plants to use...
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