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blue cheese auto

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    Blue Cheese Auto, 7 weeks
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    Blue Cheese Auto, 7 weeks
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    Blue Cheese Auto, 7 weeks
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    Blue Cheese Auto, 7 weeks
  5. MissKing420

    Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream Auto Organic Outside 1st Timer Grow

    Hi guys :) Like the title states I'm a first time grower , trying out Barneys Tangerine Dream Auto strain outside in the uk. im Using biobizz light soil mix in a 12ltr pot & grabbed some biobizz veg & bloom nutrients just in case. Wont start using until 3 weeks+ though As I'm going the...
  6. ShirleyBigBud

    Shirley' First Grow! Soil - 450W LED - Autos

    so finally after pestering the misses for long enough she gave in! i can grow my own shmoke ;] so for my grow i have got myself an 80x80x160cm tent along with a 450W LED, ive got a FANFLOW in-line fan with my 'large carbon filter'. i am going to be growing one Ayahuasca Purple (Barney's...
  7. MysticJourney

    Mystic's First Grow - 3 Strains In Cabinet With Soil & LED 2017

    Hi all :4: Been looming around here for a couple months anticipating my first grow. So excited to have 1st stage successful pics to start this off -- owed to all the sharing that goes on in this place. So thank you guys for that right out the gate. Please if any of you have tips, warnings, or...
  8. P

    PaintedbudMan's Garden 2017

    New year New Grow. Started my 6th grow on Sunday January 1st. This time 3 photoperiodplants in my grow chamber and 2 autoperiod plants out in the main room. The photoperiod plants are under a Mars Hydro Reflector 192 and the 2 autos are under 2 mars hydro reflector 48s and a mars hydro 300 unit...