blue cheese auto

  1. ShirleyBigBud

    Shirley' First Grow! Soil - 450W LED - Autos

    so finally after pestering the misses for long enough she gave in! i can grow my own shmoke ;] so for my grow i have got myself an 80x80x160cm tent along with a 450W LED, ive got a FANFLOW in-line fan with my 'large carbon filter'. i am going to be growing one Ayahuasca Purple (Barney's...
  2. MysticJourney

    Mystic's First Grow - 3 Strains In Cabinet With Soil & LED 2017

    Hi all :4: Been looming around here for a couple months anticipating my first grow. So excited to have 1st stage successful pics to start this off -- owed to all the sharing that goes on in this place. So thank you guys for that right out the gate. Please if any of you have tips, warnings, or...