blue dream auto

  1. Man'O'Green

    Auto Night Queen & Blue Dream Auto

    Here we grow again: 3 Dutch Passion's Auto Night Queen & 3 Humboldt Seed Organization's Blue Dream Auto with House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of...
  2. B

    Problem with leaves - Auto Coco LED - Mars II 400 - Northern Light Automatic

    Hi Guys, could you help me? Two of my plants don't get better. I am wondering, could it be due to humidity or wrong PH, or maybe something else. I would really appreciate if you could look into my question. Seeds, came out on May 23rd: 1) Northern Light Automatic > Royal Queen Seeds...
  3. M

    IDK what's going on

    Hey this is my first grow and this it's his 3rd day growing it was doing just fine then all of a sudden it started dropping like it is and IDK what to do.