blue dream

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    Black Hyena
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    20180329_193852 (2).jpg

    Black Hyena
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    Black Hyena
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    Black Hyena
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    Black Hyena
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    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
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    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
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    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
  9. Insanity566

    Insanity's Coco Grow Journal

    Hello everyone, first time posting a grow journal. I will be Doing 7 strains in this journal. Also will try and do weekly updates, even if its just photos. Some basic info before the pics. Also not exactly sure of age, but most will be within 2 weeks from seed/clone. Strains: HSO Blue Dream...
  10. R

    Rasselberry's Critical Kush, Blue Dream, Amnesia Kush - HID & Coco/Clay pebbles

    Hello everyone! Starting my first grow journal Girls/ 5 Critical Kush from seed 3 Amnesia Kush cuttings (taken from week 5 flowering mom) 9 Blue Dream cuttings (taken from week 5 flowering mom) Setup/ Tent / 2.4 m x 1.2 m Lights/ 2x600w hps dimmable lights Extractor Fan/...
  11. L

    Logik's First Grow - Indoor Blue Dream Coco 600W HPS

    Hey everyone, Began my first grow last Thursday, all my 5 seeds have opened for me :thumb: Some info: Blue Dream from Humboldt 70%Sativa/30%Indica Indoor Coco with Perlite in 7 gal fabric pots 600w MH/HPS with air cooled hood General Hydro nutrients The plan is to keep all in veg...
  12. 45thdegreeMP3

    Wreck Creations - Multiple Strain - 2017 - Greener Than You Think

    Sorry for the late start.. Who really wants to see the veg phase though? Lets get real. Only joking, it's been a busy summer as im sure it has been for all. Let me kick this bitch off &then i can put up what pictures i have been able to snap in between taking breaths &drinking water. If it...
  13. F

    First time grower - Hi all

    Hi all just a quick intro before starting a journal. Will post my current first grow of the plants I have growing. Liberty haze and cookies and cream. Cross strains. In flowering currently. My setup is as follows; -660watt light (dimmable ballast) 4 settings 250/400/600/660watts...
  14. P

    Psycha's First Grow - 5x Blue Dream - 400W

    Hello 420 guys, this is my first post on this site. I have been reading a lot on this site for a while now, and must say it is a very nice and informative forum Today I decided to start a growlog so I can share my newly started, first grow with you :ganjamon: Day 1: Started off by germinating...
  15. C

    Late Start - Need Some Advice Please - Should I Continue Grow? Pics

    Hey there guys/gals. Hope all is well. I have been visiting this forum for a while now, but haven't found it necessary to post, however I would really appreciate some advice as to whether or not it makes sense to continue this grow (my first)? These forums have been such an amazing resource...
  16. GreenProto

    Blue Dream - The Purple Queen harvest

    "The purple Queen" thing is a nick I gave to these two ladies. I couldn't find any other words to describe them. So... My first grow has come to an end. Growing your own medicine is an amazing experience. Enjoy! :thanks::Namaste:
  17. GreenProto

    Blue Dream - Purple Pheno - Beauty!

    First grow. Week 7, day 3 of flowering. What do you think?
  18. MostlyCloudy

    Mostly Cloudy Grow Room

    What it is, what it ain't 420? I'm back to try this again. I had some issues last go round and I abandoned my last journal. Crop finished solid minus bushes full of seeds but hey I won't be running short anytime soon. What I got: 3×3 veg tent 600 W MH adjustable ballast 4x2.5 flower tent 1K...
  19. 24kanthony

    New Room - First Grow

    About 10 years ago, I did grow as a caregiver for 5 months. The patient's setup was Mickey Mouse at best though. so, this is my first grow of my own. I designed and built the room my self. Located in a plumbing access closet in my basement. The whole system is hidden inside and out, except for...
  20. G

    Grams89's Coco Coir - Blue Dream - 250W HPS - 2016

    I am a new grower that want share my enthusiasm with everybody who has the time to read. Since I am new to this I could really want any tips to maximize yields. Strain(s) - Bulldogs seed Blue Dream (Seed) x3 and Shining silver Haze x1 (Clone) Medium - Coco 60% Perlite 20% clay pellets 20%...