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blue dream

  1. HashGirl

    HashGirl's 2021/2022 Grow: Blue Dream, Clementine, Gelato & Pineapple Express In ProMix

    Good afternoon. My Girl Scout Cookies comparative grow journal is just about complete and all the plants have been chopped and are currently drying. So, that means that I have an empty tent. So, this is what I've decided on: 4' x 4' x 6.5' Fusion Hut 600D - Study GELATO x2 - Major Terpenes...
  2. D

    Dick23rk's Tent Grow: Blue Dream Auto, Mantis Nutrients, 2 x BestvaLED P1000

    Good day folks and welcome to my new grow tent. Some of you may already know me, for those that don't, I'm Dick, and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada and have been growing indoors for 5 or 6 years now. This is my first time growing in an actual grow tent, I...
  3. Karden

    Karden First Grow GSC & Blue Dream 2021

    Strains: 2 Girl Scout Cookies and 2 Blue Dream Starting soil: Miracle Gro seedling mixture LED lights- Vipar Spectra V300. 300W Nutrients: Flora Gro Series Watering: Only when pots feel light or top dry. Seeds started on April 2nd using paper towel method. April 4- All 4 sprouted, moved to 4”...
  4. SaltyNSour

    SaltyNSour's Qapla Kush

    Hello All, I have a few projects going on, so i'll start my log with one of the F1s i bred last year. Qapla Kush (friend's cultivar X Vanilla Pudding Kush F1) Cultivar is OG X LA Confidential dad with cultivar mom. The Vanilla is a cross i made back in 2011. Heavy Duty Fruity (mendo hashplant...
  5. 14416A52-C04E-4561-8A8F-DB3797534527.jpeg


    Blue Dream grown outdoors in LOS
  6. Candy Striped Leaf Hopper On Blue Dream

    Candy Striped Leaf Hopper On Blue Dream

    I nice shot of a Candy Striped Leaf Hopper chillin' on some Blue Dream
  7. bluedream.jpg


    love a blue Blue Dream, was a tiger striped seed - hoping for a mother plant. topped day 15.
  8. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  9. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  10. Blue Dream Sleeping

    Blue Dream Sleeping

  11. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  12. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  13. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  14. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

  15. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  16. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  17. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

  18. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

  19. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

  20. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

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