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blue god

  1. Lord Jebus

    Breeding For Fire Experiments

    Today I'll start cracking some unfeminized BLUE GOD seed on an attempt to find a nice male to start some breeding experiments. 6 of 12 in the water and placed into darkness. I'll check tomorrow when I get home. These seeds are only a couple years old so should pop alright.
  2. Lord Jebus

    I'm Back Baby

    Well in a few months I will be able to legally grow here in Canada so getting ready to come back with avengance.
  3. nooberson

    New Guy

    Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to this site although I have been lurking and reading your posts for a while. Kinda creepy huh? Lol anyway I have learned quite a lot from reading through your posts and experiences so I thank you for that! I do sheet metal work and am pretty handy fixing...
  4. A

    Diamond Series XML 650 - Purple OG - Moonshine Ghost Train - Blue God - 9Pound Hammer

    What's goin on everybody. I'm starting a new grow in a 5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent,with a DS Xml 650. Inside i have four 5 gallon containers, two of my ladies are in there 2 weeks of veg, the other two are still on week one. Also got a 6 inch hyperfan, along with a cool mist humidifier. Bear with me...
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