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  1. MostlyCloudy

    Mostly Cloudy Grow Room

    What it is, what it ain't 420? I'm back to try this again. I had some issues last go round and I abandoned my last journal. Crop finished solid minus bushes full of seeds but hey I won't be running short anytime soon. What I got: 3×3 veg tent 600 W MH adjustable ballast 4x2.5 flower tent 1K...
  2. P

    White Russian - Arjan's Ultra Haze #2 & Blue Mammoth Auto Soil Grow

    Hi 420 Growers, I'm not exactly new to growing however, my previous grows have been terminated early due to uncontrollable factors. So for the sake of my first grow journal i'm going to assume i'm starting from scratch and therefor a newbie grower. Ok first ... my indoor garden. I have...
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