blue mystic

  1. Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic

    Grown under an Optic 4
  2. Optic 4 LED

    Optic 4 LED

    Week 3 Blue Mystic Using the Optic 4 and TNB Naturals
  3. Growwithme420

    My Blue Mystic Grow

  4. Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic

  5. 4

    Abandoned LED & DWC - First Grow - Nirvana Blue Mystic

    Hello everyone! This grow journal is a continuation of my problem thread LED - DWC - First grow - Leaves look yellowish Please note that I live in Europe and I use the metric system with an EC conversion of 0.5 Setup: Deep Water Culture 180W LED Panel General Hydroponics Flora Series, Canna...
  6. Darkscotia

    Completed Darkscotia - 2nd LED Mars Journal - 3 Royal Queen Blue Mystic Sunshine - 4.4x4x6 Tent

    Hello everyone and welcome to darkscotia 2nd led journal. This journal will be entered into mars hydro cup. Still very new to led growing so all advise and any comments are welcome. To start the new year I've decided to start with only 3 fem blue mystic seeds from royal queen seeds. Wanted to...
  7. oogabooganbl

    Abandoned Beginner Auto Blue Mystic, 550W CFL, In Coco, Cupboard Grow

    Hi, guys. I'm very excited. I'm a first time grower living in Northern Europe attempting four autoflowering fem. Blue Mystic seeds from Nirvana. I'll be germinating the packet's 5, but I'll carry only four through. You never know... a dud seed, a jiffy pot that doesn't want to play nice. I'm...
  8. LeDankMaster

    Abandoned Nirvana Blue Mystic - DWC - 4x4 - 630W LED

    Hey guys, this is my second grow and second journal. I have abandoned my first journal because I was too busy. I will try to post about once a week. -Strain: Nirvana Blue Mystic -Grow tent: MarsHydro 4x4 -Lights: 2x Mars Reflector144 LED 315W each -Medium: 5 gallon DWC, 2x large airstones...
  9. J

    Completed Juanelepe - Blue Mystic Auto - Soil - CFL - Indoor - First Grow - Her Name Is Lola

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon root pouch Medium - Light Mix Biobizz Soil + 20% extra perlite Lights - (6) 20W 2.700K CFL - Total 120W (6.800 lumens) Nutrients - None so far Strain - Blue Mystic (Indica) # of Plants: 1 Yield : Unknown Indoor: Tent 6 feet high - 2,6 feet wide, 1,8 deep (28 cubic feet)...
  10. paintedbudman

    Completed Blue Mystic Photoperiod In Coco Loco Under CFLs - 3rd Grow - Paintedbudman

    :welcome::welcome:This is my third grow, but my first photoperiod plant. The previous 2 Northern Lights and AK48 (still ongoing) have gone well so far. I have a newveg chamber I am using to start my Blue Mystic from Nirvana before I finish the AK48 off. I am usingthe tried and true paper towel...
  11. LiquidBud

    Completed LiquidBud's - RDWC - 1200W LED - Blue Mystic - First Grow Journal

    High :420: guys! This is my first ever Journal and Grow, so please be patient with me as I may lack of experience. What strain is it? Blue Mystic Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid, don't know the percentages, but I think that Indica is dominant. Is it in...
  12. J

    Blue Mystic Auto Mystery Deficiency?

    Am really disappointed to see some kind of deficiency going on here in week 4 of flowering. Plants were very vibrant and healthy looking up until about a week ago. I am suspecting a calcium and or magnesium deficiency but hoping to get some feedback.:Namaste: What Strain is it? Blue...
  13. J

    Abandoned Jozeef - 92 Watts CFL - Soil - Blue Mystic - Grow

    Hi all! Im new in everything: grow, english, this site.. So at the first sorry for my bad english. :) What strain is it? - Nirvana Blue Mystic autoflower Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - Hybrid, indica dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage? - Now on veg If...
  14. S

    Autoflowers at 24 days old

    hi, this is my first grow I choose autoflowers as people seem to suggest that they are easier to grow I am using a 600w dual spec lamp and a digital ballast an aircooled powerplant reflector and a grow space of 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m I have four strains currently growing out blue mystic, ak49, auto...
  15. C

    Abandoned 1st Grow - Auto Blue Mystic & More Under G8LED - Closet Grow

    I have been lurking on and off sites like this for years with the intention of setting up a grow. As an adult making a choice that I want to indulge in cannabis; the only bad side I see to this (other than the danger of arrest) is where my money may end up further up the chain. This combined...
  16. T

    blue mystic auto from nirvana grow soil mh hps first time 2weeks old already

    Mylar tent 2x4x5 600watt dimmable ballast mh at 75% from seed thu first week of veg now its at full power as soon she starts to flower goin with hps 20/4 cycle with mh thu veg the 18/6 hps thu flower ff nuts I had gnats used gognats mix with water poured in soil so far no more gnats I also today...
  17. I

    How long to harvest? Please Help

    Hi there all! Since this is my first grow, I would really appreciate, if someone could give me some advice on how far away I am from harvest. The strain is feminized Blue Mystic from Royal Queen Seeds. I switched the cycle to 12/12 in the beginning if Marts. Here are some pics...
  18. Clarkent

    Abandoned Nirvana's - Blue Mystic(Fem) & Vision's - Blueberry Bliss(Auto) - DWC - 400W LED

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, my first journal and my first grow. I'm a newbie in overall jaja :goof: I hope your guys like it and that I can learn a lot from you :peace: Setup: 400w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light at 19 in from the top 5gal container with 3gal of water and nutes DWC...
  19. spring2012

    Abandoned Springs Soil Grow - Blue Mystic Autos - Spring Has Come Again!

    Very happy to be back on with all the fine folks here at 420 mag. I have been absent for a bit! I had a few smal grows and will continue with this small one! FFOF of course! general organics nutes ( love the kit ) 3 blue mystic autos 1 Northern lights x Bigbud Auto 3 small stragglers of...
  20. S

    How far off from flowering?

    This is my first grow so please take that into consideration :) These girls have been flowering for quite a while (maybe 6-7 weeks?) They are all at slightly different stages due to different locations. I can't determine which plant is which, im just after a general answer for a couple...
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