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  1. G

    Ganja Squad's - 600W LED - 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. - 1st Grow

    Alright everybody I know there are tons of these on here but i decided that being my first grow i will go ahead and make a journal as I go through the process. For those who lack patience or simply don't wish to follow a day by day journal then this is not the thread for you. This is truly a...
  2. silverrocksta

    Silverrocksta's Soil Grow Kush Varieties 2013

    Hi all of you 420ers, Well this will be my first post on this site as well as my first grow journal. Hope you all enjoy!:) Strains: Silver rockstar skunk Ladybugs OG Silver surfer All three are indica dominate strains, not 100% sure or percentages. Are they in veg or flower...
  3. Minus

    My Journey For Homegrown Meds

    Hello all and welcome to what is going to be a slow starting but hopefully a progressive journey for my personal medical use marijuana. This journal will take a bit of time to get off the ground as my health just isn't what it used to be and I don't seem to have the energy to get things done...
  4. M

    Munchtrees' LED - DWC - SCROG Grow

    :welcome: Hello everyone, as a long time student of these forums and a few trial and error grows I'd like to welcome you all to my first ever grow journal! :welcome: I'll start with the basics: Indoor grow 5' x 2' x 2' grow box using blue prints from stratlogic's grow box...
  5. R

    First Time in Soil From DWC - Blue Dream

    Ok I have grown in water (DWC) for awhile now. With all the new stuff out there now and info I'm kinda set on this grow. plus this has been budgeted for cheap due to winter. The room size is 6x10 9foot ceiling. I'll split the room and grow two plants in the budding room and several in the...
  6. R

    Querkle & Blue Dream

    So I have decided to bud out my mother plant that are in DWC. I have a Querkle and Blue Dream. I have started the Querkle first its been in budding for almost 2 week now. After the streching is done I'll stripe the fan leaves off. And if it get tall I.m going to crop it. I have been doing this...
  7. Doctor Dread

    Dread's 400w Tent

    :welcome: Hey, hows everybody doing? I've got a project that I think some people will enjoy taking a look at. Medium: I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. 2:1 ratio of Ocean Forest to Perlite when I transplant. Lights: 400 watt HID. MH for veg, HPS for flower. Nutrient: Blue Planet...
  8. R

    Blue Dream

    Strain: Blue Dream:yummy: Type: 80%sativa/20%indica THC: 17%:) Origins: Blueberry X Haze Lights: 12bulb 4ft T5 lights for VEG 24 hours and 1 1000watt HPS at 12 on and 12 off. Growen in: 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallon of water in it. 6 inch potted lids filled with...
  9. B

    Bassman Strips The Kosher Kush! Hi-Defoliation - DWC-RDWC - 1K Watts Of Madness!

    Welcome folks to my 4th journal! This will be my second grow using individual 5 gal buckets per plant coupled with a High Defoliation for greater yields technique. The methods being used are as follows: Four sprouted seedlings are dropped into 5 gal buckets of BPN 2-part nutrients...
  10. Local Grown

    Nirvana Blackberry SOG

    Welcome to our new Nirvana Blackberry SOG. :party: We have 30 Blackberry clones in 2 liter hempy pots filled with 75/25 mix of coarse perlite and big flake vermiculite. We are using Blue Planet Nutrients Elite series GROW-MICRO-BLOOM and Liquid Blue Bloom Booster. :thumb: The ladies have...
  11. Aaron Quix

    Quix Goes Smart Pots & Dirty Coco - Slee Skunk & Chemmy Jones

    Welcome to grow #4 Strain: SleeSkunk and Chemmy Jones Medium: 2 gallon Smart Pots with 50/50 Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and Royal Gold Basement Mix Light: 600 watt dimable Digital Greenhouse ballast with max wing, and CFL. Half the flower room will be just CFL, and half will be just HPS...
  12. T

    Thawk's Multi Strain 2L Hempy SOG

    Hey guys, This is going to be my third Grow at 420 magazine my other two didn't fully get documented and they didn't quite go as planned however with Corey's help at blue planet nutrients and 420fieds SOG as a template, I believe that this one will go far better. I'm going to post all of the...
  13. X

    Xlr8's Hydroponic Adventures & Photos From The Garden - 2012

    High Everyone. :welcome: As I mentioned in my previous journal, I am not really wanting to keep a traditional journal right now, but I do want to have a place to share thoughts, experiences, and pictures related to my ongoing grow efforts. Having said that, this probably won't be...
  14. M

    MitchConnor's Organic Tent

    I'm back with my next grow. Here a some quick details. Tent- Growlabs GL80 (2'7"x2'7"x5'11") Lighting- 600w Hortilux, Radiant 6" Hood, Lumatek Dimmable Ballast, 100w *********** Diamond Series Nutes- Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride Organic Line Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Lime...
  15. HomeMedGrower

    Dutch Treat - Blue Dream 2 Liter Hempy Grow

    What strain is it? 4 Dutch Treat, 1 Blue Dream, 1 Purple Arrow, 1 TNT Kush from seed Is it in Veg or Flower stage? These are in flower stage If in Flower stage... For how long? 1/24/12 = Day 1o Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? 2 liter Hempy...
  16. Bigpappa1983

    1st Journal 32 2L Hempy - 420Fied Style

    Aloha 420 Magazine!! Ok so I have been lurking these forums for quite a while during my adventure in growing. This is going to be quite the learning experience for me and hopefully some of you....but mostly me I bet. I got my recommend back in March 2010 and in May I saw a few clones sitting...
  17. Mark Green

    Mark Greens Perpetual Multi-Strain 2 Liter SOG

    :welcome: Hello and welcome to all. I am new to posting as this will be my first; however I have been reading and learning for some time now. This community has helped and inspired me to improve my growing skills. Although none of you all knew it you have helped and i thank you so much for...
  18. RVgrower

    RVgrower's Indoor Closet Grow - Emerlad Jack - Blue Planet Nutes 7 Part Organics

    Hello everyone out there in 420-land! Most of you that are reading this are doing so because you already know me from my previous grows, and are following me here on my next one, I think this is my 4th or 5th, I guess I lost count. Anyhow, first, let's do the necessary things, first...
  19. Rayzin

    Rayzin's Grow Journal

    ** On August 25th Ordered the Blue Planet Nutrient's Farmer's Pride Organic 7-pack SPECIAL! at 99.5% Off plus Shipping. The total cost including shipping was $34.30. I am excited and patiently awaiting my package this upcoming week. Will update when I get started.
  20. Since1970

    Organic Line - Purple Kush Grow