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  1. c1 rt. c2 clone, lt. see the red/blue diff?

    c1 rt. c2 clone, lt. see the red/blue diff?

    red/blue diff. same strain. both burn in 600s watts' range. photo o the month submission?
  2. A

    Flowering Under Blue Spectrum

    Wondering if any of you have flowered the same pheno under red spectrum (traditional) vs blue spectrum only, and what the results were. I accidentally started flower on one of my strains under the veg setting of an LED and the results were basically incredibly compact new growth node spacing...
  3. R

    Pre-build Questions

    1st time grower, however i have spent a good 4/5 years in horticulture and smoked for a lot longer than that ;) but here goes...Ok. so i got a good deal on a starting grow kit, 125W blue cfl/200W red cfl/250W HPS with ballast, carbon filter/tubing/chemicals/coco soil/ph testers all the little...
  4. C

    Questions Regarding Lights

    I recently Purchased an 8 bank T5 Sunleaves Grow Light with 4 Red And 4 Blue spectrum lights and I put my plants on a 12 hour light cycle and I was wondering what effect the 4 Blue lights are going to have on the buds, compared to having a full set of 8 Red spetrum lights. They are two plants...
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