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  1. Fruity Pebbles OG!

    Fruity Pebbles OG!

    Fruity Pebbles OG. Lot’s of purple, and blue! Frosty!
  2. EED003C1-8AD8-4C3B-94F3-7ACFA20D878B.jpeg


  3. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Multi-Strain Clones 2019

    Welcome to Obadiahs Multi Strain 2019 Journal! Thank everyone for stopping by. Very quickly I'm going to poat some content here to get the thread up, so I can finish everything I'm doing on time. So without further adieu, the ladies! We'll begin with the day of their arrival, March 30th, @...
  4. Momma’s Kitchen


    Hey guys, I have a couple Blueberry (F) and they are ... ok. I heard such great things about them but the buds that are forming are they aren't full looking. They are wispy looking. Any advice? No evidence of any bugs, or nutrients issues. The plant looks good other than the buds look ... empty...
  5. Agemon

    Blue Berry By Crop King Seeds

    The first seeds I ever ordered were these Regular Blue Berry Seeds from Crop King Seeds. I ordered them back toward the end of July 2017, I think. Anyhow I got around to growing a few. The first two were for a Red Solo Cup Journal, I ended up seeding one and keeping the other clean for a nice...
  6. Stunned

    Blue Dream arriving soon

    Put an order in for 5 Blue Dream seeds from Seeds Also got 3 Northern Lights I'm so pumped to raise a Blue Dream
  7. rillos

    Blue Dream Scrog RDWC

  8. flashmp3

    Blue Dream x Tutankhamon x Green Crack

    Hi all, First of all I want to thank this forum for the amazing amount of knowledge I have been able to build since last July . This allowed me to make a successful first grow. It was a good opportunity to experience things and learn so much I ll try not talk to much so let s jump to the...
  9. croptopper11

    First indoor DWC grow - Blue Widow - Feedback & advice wanted

    im running a Blue widow in 5gal dwc with fox farm hyrdo trio nutes under mars reflector96 in a 4x2x6 tent put into net pot from germination on 11-3..anyone hve any experience growing this strain? how much stretch to expect on the flip. right now ive got her topped a cple times. grow points all...
  10. Jackalope

    Blue Dreamy

    This picture really does not do this Blue Dream bud justice. I have to rig up a way to get quality photos of it but here is a teaser. The trichomes on these buds are like huge sugar crystals shining like diamonds. I find myself just staring at them. Got probably 2 weeks to go.
  11. M

    So discouraged

    Hi All, I'm a grandmom fast approaching retirement age and decided I'd try growing my own supply. I've smoked for over 40 years at first for fun and now to help with neuropathy pain from Diabetes type 2. I purchased 3 seeds, Blue dream auto, AK 49 auto and chocolope auto. I live on acreage...
  12. Jackalope

    Strain vs Hybrid

    We all see this time and time again. Different companies carrying strains by the same name. I will use Blue Dream as a example. This is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze x Blueberry. Any cross of these strains in that order is Blue Dream. The thing that changes everything is which pheno's of each...
  13. AussieNoob

    Yet Another First Grow Journal - Blue Mystic In Coco & Perlite

    Hey guys, Long long time stalker(not even member :35: ), first time poster. So enough bullshit. Started on the 12/07 (should be 07/12.... darn americans :circle-of-love: ) What strain is it? Blue Mystic Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower...
  14. Teddy Edwards

    BudMaster Blue Moon2 LED Grow Light Review: 420 Magazine Review By Aaron Quix

    A very big thanks to Budmaster for sharing their gear with us for this review! Here’s a company who’s goal isn’t only to sell lights, but also to solve customers’ problems. They’ve introduced a concept that addresses a niche in the market - Mother plants and Early Vegetative Propagation. The...
  15. I

    Let's take a look and make some choices!

    Hello guys, I recently start growing indoor, I have a grow tend 60x60x1.40 with a HPs 150 W and 6.5 Litre pots, For the first time I try an auto blue cheese, I had some ups and downs which affect my baby, but as we proceed to the end of her life it seems good. Now my question is: for that...
  16. potExtractR

    Variety selection

    Blue dream X space queen, blue Ibis, animal cookies and sum randoms.
  17. Ron Strider

    ME: What Would Retail Marijuana Look Like In Our Towns

    A forum at the Blue Hill Town Hall on Monday, September 18, about retail marijuana in area towns drew residents and town officials looking for answers and wanting to share their views about retail marijuana. It came as state legislators wrap up work on a bill to amend a citizens' initiative...
  18. Velk

    Blue Treacle Auto Strain Review

    this is my strain review for blue treacle this hybrid delight was fun to grow very strong and tough a very forgiving strain perfect for beginners great massive yeilds in a mad fast time majority was done before day 65 Strain Name - blue treacle From - feminised seeds When -...
  19. Cannatard

    HSO Blue Dream & Lemon OG Haze By Ethos Collective In 420 By The Tard

    They just popped so ill be updating more later. I decided to journal this grow because I want a record of the LOGH. I've done the blue dream several times so I know what to expect with that one. Thanks for checking this one out :)
  20. Ron Strider

    Hemp Hemp Hooray: Local Farm Partners With The Colorado Hemp Project

    It was a morning in late June, around 5:30am, sunrise just approaching the horizon as I took off from Denver and headed north up I-25 for a much-anticipated visit to Blue Forest Farms. This wasn't your typical tour through a local farm–this family farm is special, and has dedicated 25 acres of...
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