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blueberry auto

  1. AfromanDunDaDa

    First Time Grower-First Time Fluxing (Oh yeah...did I mention it's an auto-flower)

    Greetings fellow growers! Afroman here and I'm probably in WAY over my head. I'm a first time grower attempting my hand at "fluxing", or as others refer to, a very extensive alternative to mainlining. This technique is tested and proven to provide a generous mass of product in the end. For the...
  2. IMG_20181010_210026.jpg


    Blueberry Kush Plant.
  3. D

    8 Day Progress BlueBerry Auto

    Growing under HID / MH lights . Started January 6 with proper lighting . Temp: 80 Humidity: 60 Soil Flower power ferts but soon running low and switching to fox farms . The first picture was taken January 21st The second picture taken January 29th auto blueberry this is 8 day...