blueberry gum

  1. J

    One week from harvest?

    Is this the beginning of the harvest window? I'm looking to flush soon and not sure how far off this is. Blueberry Gum (G13 Labs) Blueberry x Haze, day 50 since switched to 12/12 Indoor Soil, 20-25 C Kind LED XL1000 - (630W) 40-50% humidity
  2. flipflopbob

    Abandoned FlipflopBoB's 4 Strain DWC Grow 2012

    Hi 420 magazine growers, 1st diary here, so I'm hoping to make it a good one, I grow dwc and decided this time to make some modded tubs so that I had some sturdier lids to work with, with these ordered today i'm itching to get started, so a few details to get out of the way here, I'll be...
  3. ConqueringLOJ

    Completed CLOJ 2012 - Wowie - Blueberry Gum - Orange Bud Indoor - White Widow & Siberia Outdoor

    Wow it has been a minute! But I couldn't resist coming back to 420 to share another grow! The community here and the forums have been so great to me over the last few years, I had to do it. Here we go! This will be another coco grow done in 2 gal Air Pots!.. I've got 4 Wowie seedlings, 3...
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