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    First Grow - Mars Hydro LEDs - 6 Different Strains - General Hydroponics

    Hello everyone! At first I didn't want to do a grow journal, but I have more free time than I expected so here it goes. First ever grow, started from clones. I just started week 2 of flower so here's the whole catching up part. I am currently growing... 1x Tora Bora 1x Purple Kush 1x Holy...
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    My first grow enters flower! Alive too! An early discussion of Grow #2

    Hello Everyone! So my 5 Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) and 1 Blueberry Headband have, despite being cared for by a complete amateur, survived the vegetative phase. Here are my victims! (Day 12 Flower) As evident from the above images, my girls are out of space. The...