blueberry kush

  1. JimJonesJr

    Scroggin In The Greenhouse Blueberry OG Kush, WW, Scooby Snacks #1

    Hello folks. I got a late start this year due to some delays in the greenhouse construction and health issues but by memorial day I managed to have many wee ones popping up. I will be doing two scrog screens for this grow. It's been many years since I've grown at this level so this should be...
  2. Blueberry up and down.gif

    Blueberry up and down.gif

    A Blueberry kush plant going well in flower
  3. Greenhouse sunrise sillouette.jpg

    Greenhouse sunrise sillouette.jpg

    Silhouette of my plants in the greenhouse early in the morning
  4. Greenhouse sunrise silhouette through the flap.jpg

    Greenhouse sunrise silhouette through the flap.jpg

    Buddha Cheese and Blueberry kush early morning silhouette through the flap on the side of my greenhouse
  5. Greenhouse plants.gif

    Greenhouse plants.gif

    Plants growing in my little greenhouse
  6. Blueberry Kush in veg.jpg

    Blueberry Kush in veg.jpg

    An extremely broad leaf plant that looks nothing like the other three from the same seeds
  7. Strainyourbrain

    African Sun And Indoor Gardening: Pushing My Own Boundaries

    Hi all 420 Mag personnel, Growers, followers, seekers, teachers,learners etc. It's really by accident I came across 420 a couple of days ago. I am soooooo glad to be here. Southern Africa (if you have not guessed by the thread title) is where I was born and looks like will also complete life's...
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  10. IMG_20181010_205906.jpg


    Blueberry Kush plant. 4 weeks into flowering
  11. IMG_20181010_205957.jpg


    Blueberry Kush Plant. 4 weeks into flowering.
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  18. 20180921_180151.jpg


  19. 20180815_181419.jpg


    Blueberry kush
  20. 20180815_181250.jpg


    Bluberry kush
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