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blueberry plants

  1. W

    Questions. 9th week of flowering

    these are the top half of the plants buds. growing nice. this is one of the one of the places the buds grow. cant think of the name of what that is but, their under growen i think and its into the 9th week right now.. is that bad?
  2. C

    First Ever Grow Could Use A Bit of Advice

    I'm having a concern with my Blueberry. My White Widdow and Blue Hash is in great order...Here's what I got! Strain - Indica Blueberry # of Plants -3 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Flower Setup - DWC Light - 400 Watt HPS Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Grodan Rockwool...
  3. tintala

    Blue berrry garden, only weeks left to harvest

    Blueberry garden getting close.
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