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  1. wookie-orgasm-bodhiseeds-cannapot-dope.jpg


    wookie orgasm cannabis seeds by breeder Bodhi Seeds
  2. terpenado-bodhi-weedseeds-cannabissamen-cannapot.jpg


    Terpenado - massive great strain by Bodhi Seeds
  3. ALB3RT

    Alb3rt‘s Outdoor & Indoor Journal

    Here i got some babies under 125w CFL 6400K 14.08.2019 Cobra Lips - Bodhi Genetics: Chem 3 x Appalachia 14.08.2019 BC God Bud - BC Bud Depot Seeds Genetics: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk 24.08.2019 BC The Purps - BC Bud Depot Seeds Genetics: Mendo Purps IBL Photos taken 31.08
  4. IMG_20180302_013647.jpg


    Blueberry hashplant
  5. Curly Beaver

    Snow Temple from Bodhi question

    Is anyone familiar with Snow Temple from Bodhi? I can not find any info on it and have one that's ready to be chopped any day now. (9weeks.) The seed was gifted to me still in the original packet but it's been around awhile and I can't find any information on it. Thanks
  6. BonzaSeedBank

    Hard To Find Bodhi Seeds From Bonza

    Looking for Bodhi Seeds and can't find them; well we have them Bodhi Seeds - Bonza Products If your ever looking for help or any discount codes, make sure to email me at forums@bonzaseedbank.com. David
  7. C

    Good strains to pheno hunt

    Wanted some input on good strains to pheno hunt (100-150 plants (price dependent)). Need something that can take a lot of scrog and yield heavy in 10 weeks or less. Sensei Star's ogre pheno caught my eye as well as some of the recent bodhi drops. Does anyone have any experience with...
  8. Konto

    T5 Hydro - Bodhi Dream Lotus - WOS Afghan Kush X White Widow

    Quick overview... Strain : 1 Bodhi Dream Lotus and 1 World of Seeds Afghan Kush X White Widow. Light : T5 8 Bulb - 432 Watt. Four 3000k and four 6500k. Medium : Rockwool Temp : 80 F lights on, 64 lights off. Humidity : 35% (been lazy lately on filling up my humidifers lol ) System : Ebb & Flow...
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