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  1. B

    Best CCO for eczema/dermatitis?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and have been reading up on How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil Has anyone had success with a CCO for eczema/dermatitis? I would like to try using CCO to see if it may help with my condition. Im thinking of a high CBD strain to minimize the psychoactive effects...
  2. SparkyMcHigh

    Boiling water raises the ppm's - Why? - Details provided

    Hey guys this is more so out of curiosity not an "oh shit mother of pearl my plant is dying" thread aha. I was following a journal and he stated that he boils his water. I was curious to see if it lowers ppm's. On the contrary it raises ppm's. Here's the data. Tap water from faucet - 260 ppm...
  3. K

    Smoking Resin Removed with Saltwater

    First post, be gentle. Here's what I did: I boiled a pipe in saltwater for awhile and ran the water through a clean strainer. I ran water from my sink into my pipe that emptied the remaining resin into the same strainer. I ran clean water through the strainer to rinse the remaining salt...
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