1. Krissi Carbone

    Sirius Black vs Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze: An Indica Showdown

    The power of cannabis genetics allows for both of these strains to be Indica dominant. The smaller of the two, a @Weed Seeds Express Sirius Black. A pure bred, squat Indica. The larger of the two, a Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze. A heavily Indica dominant mix of Gorilla Glue #4 and Super Lemon...
  2. Kingsnake235

    Organic soil lockout? Bonemeal for pH up? Pics

    hey there! having some issues, doing some reading, the usual; looking for a way to up my soil ph with organic nutes (biobizz) and was directed to this thread which says: most references i find of bonemeal raising pH is when its mixed into acidic soil before planting, so my question is...
  3. BlissfulToker

    Organic Nutrients W Inorganic (PetrolChemical) based nutes

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience mixing or using both organic nutrients (blood meal, bone meal, bat guano etc.) along with standard 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 oil based nutes? I understand that using at the same time could harm the plant from nute burns. But what about starting out with...
  4. DROBB

    What up from Texas

    Hey all, newbie here, I was wondering if someone could tell me is it better to use bonemeal or bloodmeal during the veg stage, and then flowering. How much of a variance can I have in my light cycle. If im off half hour or so in either direction, are there if any adverse effects? Thanks for any...
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