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    The Phaedhaus Infuse Bong lets you infuse your smoke with fresh flavors for an elevated smoking experience. This mix of tangerines, lemons, and orange juice tasted incredible.
  2. New bong setup

    New bong setup

    I have my topoo "titan" with an extra perk and a 2 bowl adapter just for fun. My roommate burned his hair trying to light the bowls
  3. C

    When was the last time you used a bong?

    I just used a bong this morning. Just curious when was the last time my stoner brothers used a bong. I got fukin high with the stormy cloud!! Lol
  4. Katelyn Baker

    FL: Bong Ban Doesn't Apply To Medical Pot, Advocate Says

    Florida's bong ban, as toothless as critics say it may be, now is preempted by the recently approved constitutional amendment on medical marijuana. That's according to Ben Pollara, campaign manager of United for Care. The group has fought for the ballot initiative, which first failed in 2014...
  5. Patch91

    Vape or bong hits?

    Which do you think gets you higher? I like the initial punch of the bong but supposedly you're getting more thc if you vape. But iv'e always felt higher taking bong hits. What do you guys think?
  6. Aqua Lab Tech

    Halloween Sale - 20% Off

    Make sure and save 20% off your purchase at Dab Rigs, Bongs, Bubblers & Water Pipes | Aqua Lab Technologies This Week!! Aqua Lab Tech
  7. I

    Genie 10" Water Pipe

    I'm looking into getting a bong, nothing over the top, just something that works and isn't too expensive. That said, anyone have any first hand experience with this particular bong? This is the first I've heard of an ash catcher. I assume that makes for easier cleaning as well?
  8. H

    Homemade Bongs

    Hello to everyone here :thumb: new to your hangout today. Based in the UK and an big fan of bongs and love spending time making bongs from stuff that's in your house or stuff from charity shops etc you'll be surprised what you can adapt to your needs, and only buy what's needed. Wasn't sure...
  9. wandler

    Wizard bong! Good or not?

    Hey everyone! I have recently purchased a wizard bong. This bong just looks an eye-catchy one but is it good? I mean does it gives the nice hits/smoke or is it just a nice looking show material? I can't wait to get the delivery! 5th april as they say :P
  10. G

    Snow bong smoke sesh in a blizzard Colorado

  11. F

    Uses for bong water

    Gday guys and gals,just wondering if anyone has uses for bong water.Here in australia our natives Banksia Grevillea etc are usually invigorated when a bush fire goes mad.It was found that bong water (ie smokey water ) actually encourages the seeds to germinate.Any other uses feel free to let us...
  12. Serpent

    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy valentines day i hope everybody's taking care of there ladies both plant and human:circle-of-love: Its so cold in Canada right now my bong ice up in the garage :bong:
  13. Nicholas Flamel

    Glass vs. Acrylic Bongs

    Here is my question. Is it better to get an acrylic bong or a cheap glass bong. The last bong i used was an acylic almost 15 years ago. It worked well and put me on the floor more times then once. But i know there are many benefits to glass. Is there any glass bongs under 50 bucks that are well...
  14. L

    Smoking better

    Hello people I'm new here and I hope my english is not too bad. I would like to ask you if you've got some special smoking techniques or something:D Or do you have a special way to build your joint so it gets stronger? Is there something to eat to increase the effect? I'm not the most...
  15. L

    Buying my first bong

    So I'm looking to buy my first bong, and I've been doing a lot of research and I have found a couple bongs that have have the qualities I am looking for, unfortunately I just can't be totally sure about their quality. I am trying to decide between a Grace Glass and this one: I have...
  16. Smokin Js

    Quality, Affordable Glass from Smokin Js

    We've got everything you need for a smokin lifestyle. American made glass, vapes, smoking accessories, hippie fashion, tapestries, and more! Use coupon code: LEAF at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Good now through 07/31/15. Free shipping on orders over $100! Fast and discrete shipping.
  17. Smokin Js

    How to Clean Your Water Pipe

    Aric from Smokin Js shares tips and tricks to cleaning a water pipe using Gack Attack Pipe Cleaning Kit and Orange Chronic Liquid Cleaner.
  18. 4

    my favorite products

    Hey everyone, So I figured I would share a few products with you that I love! So I have here my favorite stash tin: Here is some Niacin, I am sure you have all heard of it, this one though is much better than the generic ones you can find. It makes you sweat like a mofo but it works to...
  19. M

    Spiritual ceramic bongs and pipes

    Hi What you think about my spiritual ceramic bong?
  20. G

    The best bong for your money

    My bong broke last week which was a sad time. It was a toro 13" piece and was very smooth but I feel like I paid a lot for it's name. After her death i'm looking for a new piece of glass but looking to spend slightly less. Any ideas on great hitting bongs which are also value for money?
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