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  1. Bacondoggy

    Borax/Boron for one time use for plants?

    From what I understand is borax is about 11% boron. Anyway, check out this guy's claim - I searched here and couldn't find anything that takes about it like this. I know it's useful in a solution to kill gnats and maybe other pests? But this talks about a very diluted (2 -8 ppm in water) only...
  2. TheFertilizer

    Questions about booster fans

    1. If you run an 8 inch fan with a 6 inch reducer, does this reduce air flow or increase pressure? 2. Can you put two booster fans end-to-end and increase airflow? 3. How long do they last versus the normal online fans I see?
  3. W

    Root booster used as PK booster?

    Hey I'm thinking I should boost my PK, 3 weeks into flower and feeding canna aqua range. In soil, not ideal I know but it's happening. Happy with plant but I've noticed the pk of the canna range seems low compared to suggested levels.. I have a bottle of egmont root booster. Says on the bottle...