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    Canada: Legalized Marijuana Won't Automatically Forgive Past Offences

    The Trudeau government has pledged to legalize marijuana in the spring, but anyone who's been convicted of a pot-related crime won't be off the hook right away. A federal task force on legalization recommended this week to allow storefront and mail-order sales of marijuana to people 18 years...
  2. K

    Blaine Attorney - Why You Don't Have To Answer About Marijuana Use At Border

    Blaine, Wash. — A Blaine immigration attorney has a message for Canadians who may be asked about their marijuana smoking history at the border, "I would tell people, unless you've been convicted or arrested or have marijuana on you, I don't think it's a question you need to answer. You're...
  3. K

    Canadians Are Being Banned From The U.S. For Admitting They've Smoked Weed

    Canadians (and other foreigners): don't ever tell a United States border patrol agent or immigration and customs official you've smoked pot. Not even one hit years ago. Or you'll be banned from the U.S. Seriously. VICE tells us the story of actual Canadian Alan Ranta, who was crossing into...
  4. J

    Border Patrol, Medical Marijuana's Catch-22

    Once a week, 50-year-old Raymundo Marrufo drives 22 miles from Deming, New Mexico to the state's second largest city, Las Cruces. It's the medical marijuana dispensary that brings him there, the closest place to his home where he can fill a prescription for cannabis to treat PTSD. The drive...
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    New Mexico: Medical Marijuana Patient Caught In A 'Catch-420'

    The Border Patrol forces a medical marijuana patient to break a law every time he passes a checkpoint, the man claims in Federal Court. The only choice he has, Raymundo Marrufo says, is whether to violate a state law or a federal one. Marrufo suffers from PTSD and has been prescribed...
  6. NACnCO

    What's Up With Nebraska / Colorado Border?

    So, I understand that an oz of Weed has been "Decriminalized" in Nebraska. I'm assuming it means if you get caught with under an oz the cops will take your Pot, but not arrest you. Do you still get fined for it? What's the story? And what's up with the Border with Colorado? I've heard there's...
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