1. BornTo420

    Abandoned BornTo420 - Grow #2 - January 1, 2012

    Cloned from mother plants on 12/13/2011. Original strain history; unknown from bag seeds safely stored on 7/4/2010. Seeds germinated on 8/1/2011, and mother plants where cloned to extend life of strain and taken 31 days into flowering on 11/03/2011. Grow info Space: 24"x 20" Light: 2- 125...
  2. BornTo420

    BornTo420 Stem Splitting technique, with excellent results!

    Here is my version of Stem Splitting. I have a video link CLICK HERE showing better detail if you are interested. I took a new cleaned utility knife blade and after harvest I started at the end and "Split the Stem" and where I could not run the blade all the way threw, because of a...
  3. BornTo420

    Hermaphrodite Banana shows up 53 days into flowering, 93x close up images

    I am own my first grow and 53 days in a banana shows up after a few hours ar 96 degrees..Ventilation issue in closet... I made a close up video click here to see is @ 93x magnification. Grow_1_Container_3_Banana_Hermaphrodite.MOV - YouTube
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