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  1. Klaatu

    Boron or Phosphorus def. or ?

    Damn, I feel bad. I've got 2 other Q's on the board and now I post another one! (loser) This time I am hopefully able to upload pictures now. I believe as it looks now I'm not to sure about what 'it' is, it looks like a Boron or Phosphorus def. It's moving fast too. I transplanted them from...
  2. Bacondoggy

    Borax/Boron for one time use for plants?

    From what I understand is borax is about 11% boron. Anyway, check out this guy's claim - I searched here and couldn't find anything that takes about it like this. I know it's useful in a solution to kill gnats and maybe other pests? But this talks about a very diluted (2 -8 ppm in water) only...
  3. A

    Boron deficiency!

  4. G

    Unknown deficiency/pest/disease affecting my leaves?

    Hi guys, I'm a newb to this site and a newb to growing in general (my 1st year), so please be patient with me. I've honestly spent ages scrolling online through as much plant problem advice & forums but I can't for the life of me put my finger on exactly what my problem is. I think it could be a...
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