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    MA: Boston Goes To Pot Via Lowell

    Boston - About two years ago, Father Joe Quinn became one of about 100 people in the world to be diagnosed with a rare incurable condition that he said left him with the possibility of "saying goodbye to life." Unable to take narcotics, the Franciscan friar was in "excruciating pain" until he...
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    Boston: Police Seek Charges Against Marijuana Advocate

    Boston police are seeking criminal charges against Bill Downing, one of the state's most vocal marijuana legalization supporters, a move that his lawyer calls retaliation for his criticism of the state's regulation of the medical marijuana industry. A magistrate judge is scheduled to consider...
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    "Shipwreck" Anyone have info?

    Greetings Everyone, from Boston. Picked up some "Shipwreck" tonight. Was referred to as medicinal, which i assumed meant indica dom strain. Did a little searching and some ppl said its a more sativa dom strain. Anyone know? or have any more info on it? Very chill relaxed high, smells pretty...
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