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    DWC Auto Closet

    Its my first time trieng an auto in dwc,let's see how this goes. SunWest Genetics Amnesia Haze Autoflower
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    DWC Closet Minigrow OSSC White Critical

  3. A

    The Absolutely Incredible And Bulky RDWC 750w LED Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk: 2019 Indoor Feminised

    This journal will chronical single Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk DWC grow from seed. Starting out in tent under Advanced LED XML350 and then will transfer to 2x2x3 BCNL Roommate (DWC Grow Box) with a 400W Super HPS Hortilux to flower. Incredible Bulk is an indica made up of super skunk, green...
  4. 60's Old Timer

    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    MODERATOR: Please delete if inappropriate Note that I am new to the 420 Forums but not MJ Grows & MMJ. I have heard for years about the Scotts products & especially their Miracle Grow being like "poison" to our grows. There are 20+ links to this topic, so below I just pasted one if you want...
  5. MusicCityCannabis

    Music City Cannabis Soil White Widow Grow Journal - 2018

    Hey all! This will be my first ever grow so wish me luck! Starting from scratch so still have gear waiting to be delivered although I have most already in my possession but wanted to go ahead and creat my journal as I like to stay ahead of the game I'll be posting pictures soon! Seeds - 5...
  6. D

    EC throughout grow?

    Can anybody share what EC they typically run during late veg and transition? Any help is much appreciated as I've been trying to dial in my nutes. Thanks I'm running botanicare PB series with my hydro grow but their doseage rates are pretty high on the EC.
  7. A

    Newbie nutrient PPM question on GH Flora Series & Botanicare

    I'm about to do my first grow in a 4x3 tent with a Mars 192 Reflector LED light. I will probably use a CFL for the first few weeks and switch to the LED after the plants are established. I plan to use GH Flora series 3 part nutes with Floralicious Plus, KoolBloom, RapidStart, ArmorSi, Cal...
  8. Isazam01

    Indoor Grow - 300W Mars - GH Flora Series/Botanicare Pure Blend Pro - 1st Time Grow

    Hello guys i started my first grow a months ago for personal use and a little money saver with some seeds that came on my medical cannabis its my very first time i really like somking weed and enjoy and now i really enjoy this about growing and i want to get more into it iam excited lol iam...
  9. H

    Hydro Blue Cheese - Hydro Lemon Kush Headband

    Howdy! This is my first post and I am excited to become apart of the online growing community. I am a Colorado grower for personal and medicinal purposes. Up until this point, I have collaborated with many local growers here in Colorado. However, I believe it is in my best interest to gain...
  10. B

    Does anybody know what Botanicare sweet is used for?

    Does anyone know what Botanicare Sweet Raw or grape is used for will it add flavor ?thanks ahead of time
  11. A

    LED Grow - The Big G13 Descendant BC Bud Depot

    LED veg with supplemental T5 ...This is a grow I started to supply my needs, having access in my family to great seeds was a bonus. The genetics are Alien Kush x Super Skunk, G13 x Hawaiian butterscotch. I germinated with seed starter blocks,no paper towels or soaking 5/6 germinated I allowed...
  12. LD25Delta9


    Hello all, a little background: I have used GH, B'Cuzz, GO, Fox Farm, Humboldt's Own, Bio-this, Super-that, guanos, teas and raw compost in soil, hydroton, marbles, coco and perilite. I have grown just about every method there is and ultimately, if I had the space or time, I would grow...
  13. A

    Grow Chart Review

    whatsup guys! im new here... trying to get some help/advice on nutes since nobody seems to want to help me on other sites. so lately i've been looking at some nutrients i was thinking about buying and i put together a grow chart based on the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer. ill be using...
  14. B

    Botanicare Pure Blend Additives - Silica Blast & Hydroplex

    Hello everyone I have been using Botanicare's Pure Blend nutrients for all past grows and have had great results. Now I have been thinking about stepping it up with some additives. I use LIQUID KARMA every watering, but thats the only additive I have used. I was looking for some input from...
  15. WizHigh

    Molasses instead of Botanical Sweet?

    Simple question how much molasses should I add per gallon for 4 week veg plants???
  16. DutchDude

    Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Formula

    While I was at the hydro store looking for perlite and deciding between adding coco coir, vermiculite, soil, or anything else - I stumbled across a "professional blend" made for self watering pots (which would be a hempy grow, right?) Anyway, already mixed, reasonable priced, I picked up...
  17. Love1Fear

    Ever Use Botanicare Sweet Grape/Berry/Citrus/Carbo Raw

    Im wondering if anyone can give any input on how/what this stuff does. Kinda curious since it has no N-P-K 0-0-0, and why does the Citrus variety have a lot more cool stuff in the ingredients?
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