1. HydroponicFireman

    Notes from The Science of Gardening with Linda Chalker-Scott PhD

    OK, I'm not sure if I should post this here but it didnt seem to fit in any other of the categories in the grow room. That and I dont have sufficient priviliges to post in "How to grow" section. Anyway, here it goes...these are my notes of a lecture course from The Teaching Company which I...
  2. K

    Anyone tried 13+/12 or similar?

    Hey guys, this might be a total noob question (I'm only first-year in Hort), but: If cannabis is a critical night-length plant, would I be able to give my baby a long daylight 13h+ for extra photosynthesis, and still let her flower in twelve hours of darkness per cycle? I tired looking it...
  3. R

    Important Question

    Is there such thing as a licensed Marijuana grower in California, who supplies the dispensaries, because i am very interested in it. Also would a degree in botany be helpful for getting this license if there is one???
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