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  1. H

    New grower in MI

    Hello all, my wife and I are relatively new to cannabis. It started with a non stop cycle of pills and treatments for both of us. She suffers from chronic and persistent migraines and anxiety and I have arthritis in my spine. We were both dissatisfied with the results we were receiving from...
  2. Network23

    Ben's Horus CXB 200 Vs Black Diamond Goliath - Part II

    Day 1 - 18h* - EC 1.1 / PH 5.7 As already threatened, I would like to start my second LED run. This time I turned both tables to each other and provided both systems with only one nutrient solution tank. It saves me at least 1 hour of work and it works perfectly. In addition, I now connect the...
  3. D

    Two plants - One not growing - Bottom leaves turning yellow

    Total newbie here! I bought some White Domina seeds from Kannabia.se. Both plants are 17 days old. One of them is growing just fine but the other one has stopped growing completely and the leaves are kind of curling down. Also, the bottom leaves of both of the plants have turned completely...
  4. R

    Someone please help

    Hi everyone hope everyone's good and was good over the holidays I'm in real need of help my plants are very close to crop I'd say a couple weeks at most and the past couple weeks iv been noticing this white powdery fuzz on the buds mostly on the bottom of them not all of them I'll post a pic of...
  5. beez0404

    This is why I don't play the Lottery!

    This is my first year growing. I started indoors this February in a 2' x 2' x 4' tent. I had modest success and was encouraged to make a small garden outside over the summer. I learned a lot over that time period. Which brings us to this fall. I was gifted a feminized Blue Dream seed from a...
  6. Duggan

    Duggan Does Black Cherry Punch & Star Pupil With Doc's Gear!

    Top of the day to ya's all. I'm starting this new journal for my Black Cherry Punch(special) and Star Pupil. They are both top shelf cannabis , leaning towards more colors and resin development. Both strains are very similar in growth patterns and final height. I will grow both strains with...
  7. Hazezombie420

    New Life

    Hi this is my little grow iv started 1lemon amnisa &1cheese both grown in plagron batmix under a ledgle in a 2x2 tent.
  8. B

    Licensing & Citizenship

    Hello folks.. this is my first post here I live in a country where consumption and plantation both are illegal. I wanted to know if there are any countries which give out licenses for plantation of Weed (Both Recreational and Medical purposes) and also that a non resident can acquire that...
  9. D

    Carbon filters any difference?

    When i first started i purchased a shit air filter carbon with a fan. Ofc the shit fan broke i got a free PK125-TC from the store! awesome of them! however this fan has CFM i think its called of 400m3. so it way bigger then then the filter am looking at now. Am looking at two brands...
  10. GrEeNdAyZ

    Trichom Advice Please

    Hey all, My first grow outside. White Widow and Gold Leaf. I'm somewhat confident that they need more time...please advise. Breeder info says both are 60 a 65 days to flower and that would fall a week today...I know not to go by that but got confused when I saw some amber thrich's. My...
  11. J

    Plants bigger than I expected

    Ok not complaining if all works out but I got some seeds in some medicinal bud I bought from a dispensary. I was told by that dispensary that the bud I was buying was burning love (Burmese x Love potion) I've researched both these plants and both have short to mid height and quite green and red...
  12. Ron Strider

    Maryland Should Follow Kentucky And Embrace Hemp

    For 80 years, hemp and marijuana were legally bound together. Now, thanks to some enterprising Kentuckians, they are poised to get a divorce. Four congressmen — two Kentucky Republicans, a Virginia Republican, and a Colorado Democrat — have introduced legislation to remove hemp from the federal...
  13. Jackalope

    Wreckage By T.H. Seeds

    Bought this strain as a after thought. Very glad I did. great buds from both the plants I grew. Both produced around 2 oz. I suck at macro photos and photography in general but this Wrec kage but did its part
  14. Ron Strider

    Lawmakers Resume Talks On Compromise Marijuana Bill

    House and Senate negotiators struck a cautious tone Monday as they resumed negotiations over legislation that would overhaul the state's voter-approved recreational marijuana law. The six-member conference committee met behind closed doors in a continued effort to resolve differences between...
  15. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Cup In Michigan A Weekend Of Sights And Smells - Mostly Smells

    The tarmac at the Auto City Speedway in Clio might not have ever witnessed such a slow-moving pace as it did on Saturday. And that smell burning on the racetracks? Certainly wasn't gasoline. It was smoke that filled the air as visitors to the fourth Midwest Cannabis Cup sparked up and...
  16. NizzlyBear

    Girl Scout Cookies - Soilless -Tent

    Whats up guys n gals, this will be my first indoor show that is'nt super ghetto and will actually finish lol. Have had really good success in greenhouse for the last 7 years, but wanted a stealthy indoor show and its been going great so far. My setup is: 4 very lovely Girl Scout Cookies...
  17. T

    Ballast questions

    Hey all ! quick question , I saw that there are few type of ballast . one for hps , one for mh , and one that is duel for both . Now I need a 400w ballast , but in my place there is no duel ballst , do I really need to buy both ballast ? I saw manny warnings that I REALLY should'nt...
  18. P

    Questions on Mars II LED Grow Light 400W

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I have a question regarding the Mars II LED grow light. Mine has two switches: One for the Vegetative ( Blue, White and Red )and one for Bloom ( Red and White ). It's been 2 weeks now that I started flowering my beautiful plant under the flowering...
  19. nobodyhere

    Need confirmation - Are these boys?

    58 days, 8 days into flower, please take a look at the photos and give thoughts. I am thinking boy...but it's my first time sexing...photos were taken off two separate branches of upper nodes. Both of them Plant #2 Plant #1 In the meantime I am soaking an auto tonight.
  20. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Garden Of Weeden All Orgasmic Organics 2017

    k so this is my organics journal strains in the arsenal: are as follows currently running purple kush, early vixen, pineapple skunk, kali mist those are all photo fem seeds and I also have a blueberry and electric fruit both of which are autos and as 4 new beans I jus popped three more tht...