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  1. Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2_.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2_.JPG

  2. Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed bottle germanation day 2.JPG

  3. Ron Strider

    CA: The Latest Edibles Are Pre-Mixed Botanical Cannabis Cocktails

    Many residents of California are waiting for January 2018 with glee, as that's when the state's new cannabis industry regulations go into effect, meaning all adults can legally use the drug recreationally. Since this news was announced, we've seen more and more edibles come on the market...
  4. S

    Auto Northern Lights - Nutrients advice please

    Hi guys im a first time grower so need some help please. the situation is this... i have 3 northen lights autos from royalqueenseeds i have a bottle of plant start, ph up and down a bottle of take root and A and B.. is there anything else i can give them and how much should i give them. Any help...
  5. beez0404

    Anyone willing to share something embarrassing they did growing cannabis?

    Okay, this is easy for me as I am over 60 and could care less if someone thinks I'm a dolt!! LOL If it is painful for you to share then by all means don't do it. It is meant to be fun. I hope others will share their embarrassing stories. I will go first. I am, as of today, 10 days...
  6. P

    I messed around and cloned - I think

    This is my first anything grow, about 10 days ago i topped my plants and had no intention of cloning the tops. Well i tossed em in the trash and after about 20 minutes i felt wasteful so i figured i would give em a chance. I set em in water bottle caps w water for a couple days, then for...
  7. OkieInCo

    Hobo Grow 2 Liter DWC Pacocide

    Hi Everyone! You know, I bet I would have better luck sometimes by simply driving up to the hills, throwing out a bunch of seed, come back 4 months later and harvest it, rather than giving them everything they need.. love, food, shelter, water and otherwise cater to their every need and have...
  8. S

    Midnight oil

    I'm reviewing the options I have for my first med order. Wondering if anyone takes or has tried midnight oil? I am on a very tight budget so I don't want to spend $175 on a 50ml bottle if it's not feasible. Any information would be great... how long a 50ml bottle would last you, and if it is...
  9. Bluecheeze

    What do you think about this pH down?

    Hello my friends. :allgood: I found this today and want to know what you all think about it. ;) My first bottle of pH minus was a cheap one for fishes, and now when i ran out of it i went to another pet store to get another bottle. They didnt got the same brand i had before but instead they...
  10. K

    My attempt for a small greenhouse starting clones and first potting

    Hi just a quick note...i tried a clear 1 litre bottle of pop cut the top off...turned it upside down to act as a dome.....used a paper hole punch punched a few holes around the bottom perimeter and punched a hole in one corner of the top...(which was the bottom of the bottle to act as air vents)...
  11. R

    Cam I save my girls.

    Tonight when I was feeding I accidentally used the bottle of sensi grow pt b by mistake instead of the bottle of diluted sensi grow and cal mag + I had mixed up before. I put the 2 parts of the sensi grow in 750 ml water bottles with the push down lids because it was easier to pour into my...
  12. H

    Help - GH feeding

    Alright. I like to squeeze armor si into my feeding, I got the feeding chart but it doesn't give the feeding for armor si, I know on the back of the bottle is too much, give me some suggestions thanks y'all
  13. W

    Root booster used as PK booster?

    Hey I'm thinking I should boost my PK, 3 weeks into flower and feeding canna aqua range. In soil, not ideal I know but it's happening. Happy with plant but I've noticed the pk of the canna range seems low compared to suggested levels.. I have a bottle of egmont root booster. Says on the bottle...
  14. M

    Body heat without the bottle touching?

    If you have someone who has is willing to pee for you and they do so say 15 minutes before the test, to keep it at temp would the bottle actually need to be touching your skin? I ask because I have a pair of underwear that are designed to carry things like this. There is a pocket in the front...
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