1. A

    The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off?

    I'M 9 weeks now . The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off. I have 10 lt pot and . I give 2.5 lt of water to the flowers Humudity %50 Temperature 23-25 ​​degrees I give less fertilizer than half of the list . What is my problem ? This is my first grow . Please help me .
  2. S

    Yellowing leaves on bottom fresh grow

    Put seeds in soil 3 weeks ago. Bottom leafs are turning yellow
  3. Mayne

    Completed Mayne's Perfect Sun Mini Grow Adventures

    Hi folks, figured to start a journal. Finally got me a PSMini. Using in a 27"x27" tent. I have a bunch of things going on with this grow. It was started under a DIY Strip light I built from cheap Ebay strips for the first 60 days. I flipped to flower 22 days ago, and she has been showing...
  4. F

    Seedling curved & crooked

    What should I do? Leave it like that with my small fan blowing over it to strenghten it (as I do right now), or bury it a little deeper to cover the green part on the bottom of the stem? I have no idea why it grew that strange with that hook at the bottom. Otherwise the plant seems "stable"...
  5. vyserage

    Help! Yellowing & no resistance leaf falloff - Bottom yellow leaves

    Hey guys, i've been having my bottom most leaves pull off with next to zero resistance (simply moving the plant around would make them fall off). They are also yellowish green! All my plants have been doing it so im not entirely sure whats going on! My pH of water in is usually 6.8-7.0 and comes...
  6. R

    10" Rhizocore Netpots

    When I'm planting my 1.5" rockwool cubes into the netpot full of hydroton how deep do I need the water? I've got the cube and roots resting ontop of the core in the middle and the water just touching the bottom of the netpot. Do I make the water touch the bottom of the core where the rockwool...
  7. B

    Problems with leaves_wilt and fall down

    Problems with leaves Hi once again. My plants are 56 days old, 115 cm tall in 30 cm pots. Seeds, came out on May 23rd: 1) Northern Light Automatic > Royal Queen Seeds 2) CBD Med Gom Auto > CBD Crew 3) Sour Diesel Auto > Humoldt Seed Organization 4) Blue Dream Auto > Humoldt...
  8. InTheShed

    Yellow irregular spots on leaves - Doesn't seem like Septoria though

    55 day old AK-47 auto: soil, outdoor sun/indoor CLF's at night, in flower. These just started overnight. I looked it up and it looks like the pictures that say Leaf Septoria. However, it doesn't really fit the description: QUOTE: Sometimes called "yellow leaf spot" or "leaf...
  9. L

    Abandoned Organic 12/12 Light Schedule Indoor Experiment

    Watsup 420 world, I decided to do a journal on this experiment and I will have another following on my Auto's towards the end of the week. These plants life time in this box will be short lived as my Auto's will fill it up and they will be moved to a new home. All my grows are strictly Organic...
  10. J

    New grower needing ideas on flowering!

    So basicly my Sensi Skunk Automatic is 45 days old! flowers started showing around day 30 All seems to be going well from what someone said(Still not sure on dying leafs at bottom, some say its normal, some not?) Im trying to do it completely organic! Using just worm humus and and...
  11. S


    Is reflecting light not a good idea with a mirror either outdoor sun or indoor led. I.e. Reflecting towards bottom. Also, which side of the aluminum foil is best to reflect with? Thanx.
  12. A

    Brown tips on just the bottom leaves..

    I'm in the beginning stages of my first outdoor grow. I just started germinating my collection of seeds and they're looking really healthy. I just transplanted them(allbeit a little too early) into Royal Gold Tupur. They're still young so i dont want to burn them with too much direct...
  13. Jurf

    Light leaks vs ventilation for grow tent?

    So for CO2 reasons, My tent is going to be in light-mode between 5pm and 11am for my upcoming autoflower grow. But I realised that when it goes to lights out, as it will be bright outside the tent, the venting at the bottom of my tent will be a light-leak point. If I cover up the vent netting at...
  14. goofyfoot

    Abandoned Autoflower - Green Crack Trials - Second Attempt With Autos

    Howdy All, round two with a Autoflower strain and a first time LED source as primary indoor light. Medium: is hand mixed top soil no Miracle Grow pre-mixed stuff. Plain cow manure top soil with Perlite, charcoal nuggets, sphagnum and ground coquina shell Light source: ViparSpectra...
  15. cnile

    Pics - How is germination setup?

    0-24 hours soak seeds in 75 F RO water two of them shoed a little tail, the rest did not i popped them in the holes after 24 of soaking and now the bottom of cubes and inside dome is around 78 F degrees the cubes are still wet its only been 8 hours in cubes. is everything ok looking so far...
  16. J

    Grow box made from pool-side storage box - Check it out!

    I have this home-grown grow box that I constructed from a pool-side storage box. I bought the box at my local home improvement store for around $125.00. I first added some swivel wheels to the bottom so that I can move the box around easily. I painted the inside flat wide to get as much...
  17. lazyfish

    Bad time in my outdoor garden - Big Thai about to die

    Long story.... She was perfectly healthy. Two weeks ago it started yellowing a bit and I know that flowering is coming and I boosted the N a bit with fish emulsion. Yellow leaves toward the bottom and the all the fan leafs started yellowing, progressively going from the bottom to the middle to...
  18. S

    Airflow too hot!

    Airflow Grow - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery Please help! theres my gallery I got the fan blowing out and and inline at bottom pushing air in, still 34! Degrees room temp 25 But the temp is saying 34+! Airflow Grow - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  19. B

    Last chance help! Outdoor plant is dying - Already lost 80 percent of leaves

    Hi all, As the subject states I'm looking for advice to save my plant. this is really my last chance. up until a month ago, I had a magnificent SLH outdoor bushy grow. Plant was FIMMED and had 4 nice nodes with full of healthy leaves. than for some reason (perhaps too often watering) plant...
  20. R

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, I'm currently growing indoors under flourescant grow bulbs. When my plants reached 15-16 inches tall, and were 8 weeks old, I put them into the 12 hours of light budding stage. It's been almost a week, and all I see is the leaves on the bottom of the stems dying & falling off, the tops...
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