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  1. vyserage

    Help with the final decisions of my first cure please - With Boveda

    Hey guys so im struggling with figureing out my final touches to my cure. I would greatly appreciate replies from others who have used boveda packs. Here is my process im using: _____________________ DRYING: Hang dry for 3-4 days in closet via hangers or drying rack. Humidity set to 55 at...
  2. B

    Drying/curing with Boveda packs?

    I want some experienced input on this before I try it. My intent is to get a large storage container, 30-40 gallons or so, and install a drying rack in the middle. From the rack I will suspend a number of the large (about 3"x5") Boveda 62% packs on alligator clips. I have let them sit out to...
  3. AKgramma

    Rejuvenating Boveda packs?

    Can dried up Boveda 62 packs be rejuvenated? If so, how? The packs that were in the bottom of my leaf bin are flat and hard.