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  1. WillGrow510

    Increase Chance Of Getting Female Plants?

    So, I read a lot about creating certain environmental conditions to help promote plants becoming female. I have looked in a lot of places and cannot find scientific evidence to support this. What I understand is that sex is determined at the time of polination. The boy provides the x or Y...
  2. K

    Am I Raising A Boy?

    Never seen this before, and just wondering if anyone could let me know if I'm raising a boy, or if this is normal for a female?
  3. B

    If it's a boy

    Has anyone ever tried to harvest pollen and store it from a male plant? I've just started my third grow with some bag seed mainly to practice some advanced training techniques and if it turns out to be a boy, I might want to also take the opportunity to practice harvesting pollen if I ever...
  4. S

    First guy here

    first timer ,,,,i am impressed,,my girls are growing perfect,,,,i was alittle iffy about toping them,,,but boy when i did they took off ,,,IS IT JUST LUCK ???