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    Part of a branch.jpg

  2. G

    Plants regrowing

    What an amazing plant. I chopped down three 6' plants this summer, due to the fact that they were getting so big in my backyard, and I look out there today, to see one of them has spawned a new branch, and is in full blown flower mode! Looks like maybe an oz when it's all done Anyone...
  3. B

    Droop on a couple branches

    Hello all I have some purple haze growing outside in 100 gallon smart pots. Have pro mix and worm casting. I give it 70ml of grotek bloom in 5 gallons daily. This plant has not been topped and has been health all year.. had some insects on the plants and sprayed them about a month ago...
  4. CamelBack

    Autoflowering questions from a humble beginner - Hermaphroditism

    Good day! I've grown out a nice, small Tangerine autoflowering plant from GYO's seed collection---which I heard is a revival of Tangelo Rapido by Barney's Farm---and the plant is in a small, maybe, 2 litre pot. Only today, on day 42 from germination, I noticed a small male pre-sex flower on...
  5. B

    Question regarding plant crossbreeding

    Say I have the pollen of two make plants and one female plant. I pollenare one branch, isolate it for a few days and then repeat on another branch with the other pollen. Would I be correct in assuming that the resulting seats would be dependent on which branch the poem was applied to...
  6. C

    Help! Some flowers are growing on a branch of one of my plants!

    HELP! one of the branches on one of the girls seems to have some sort of flowers on it... only in the last few days and it looks like only one branch of one plant. does anyone have any idea about this? i hope it doesn't take the whole crop out... i panic'd...
  7. S

    Week 7 explosion!

    So, my plant decided to finally really pack on the weight, and the difference is shocking. I even pulled an immature branch just to prune and help push the plant to peak, and rapid dried this to then be "cured", starting to smell like chocolate and syrup..? What's wierd is, this is possibly the...
  8. B

    Update for small closet CFL/fluorescent grow

    Here is a quick update for those of you who found some interest in my small closet cfl/fluorescent grow. I have recently moved the girls to a tent to begin flowering. Here is a picture from this evening Sept. 2. They are doing well. Haven't had many issues so far. I will post more...
  9. M

    I broke a branch - What should I do? Urgent!

    Hello, I was fixing the lights when they dropped on my plant :'-( She's a female, 4 week into flowering after veging for 10 weeks, and this is my first grow :( couple of fan leaves snapped, and one branch broke, but it still handing from the main stem. (pix attached) I'm freaking out...
  10. carlos rayess

    Is it too small to clone?

    Hello my friends.. Its been a long time i didn't post a thing.. This is because i had no internet in Aleppo,Syria.. Anyway i'm back.. and i'm planting 10 cannabis plants.. So far so good.. and i decided to make some clones. But i don't know if it's too early, or i have to wait for the branch...
  11. P

    What factors cause an "earth" smell?

    I'm about to be harvesting in 10-14 days and am growing Kosher Kush. The genes of this strain are top tier and the buds currently on the plant smell and look the same. Two weeks ago, so about 4 weeks premature, I cut down a branch for the hell of it to see how it would turn out it I tried to...
  12. W

    Weird black growths on main stem and branches

    Hi there, I'm sitting a friend's plants, and I noticed that they have these weird growths on the main stem and the base of majority of the branches. The best way I can describe them is like small shells; maybe cacoons. They pop when I push against them, and the inside is a whitish-brownish...
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