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  1. Fonzi

    Good Seedbank?

    Hello dear Friends, I read in the German area constantly only from Royal Queen Seeds, Bulk seeds or Linda Seeds. There are so many good Breeder but i always only reads from the same. I'm interested in good Breeder with stabil good Genetic.. I dont select a Mother. I have experience with...
  2. B

    Boatshoe’s Indoor N.Lights x Skunk Home Cross First Time Breeding 2018 Organic Soil LED

    Greetings and All the Best to my buddies at 420 Magazine! :welcome: This journal will be for my grow effort using seeds I created last grow. This is my first time to create seeds so it’s exciting. I crossed Northern Lights x Skunk last year, there are some pictures of the parents in my last...
  3. MickFoster

    Barney's Farm - LSD

    I would appreciate any information that you can give on both the breeder and the strain. Thank You! Peace.
  4. Emilya

    Emmie's Breeder's Run #2 - Chocolate Cheese x Blowfish F2 By Santero

    Surprise! I have two sets of seeds going now from Santero! I have also started 5 of these to go along with the other Blowfish cross... This cross is Chocolate Cheese (Medina Cut) x Blowfish F2 male Blowfish of course is the G13 cross we talked about before and should be providing a lot of...
  5. Emilya

    Emmie's Breeder's Run: Chemdog IBL BP#6 x Blowfish F2 By Santero

    For my next strain I am going to bring in an impossible to obtain breeder's line to my journals. Bred by Santero in Germany at the end of last year, these seeds are expected to produce some extraordinary marijuana. The cross is as follows, with strain information below. You are free to look...
  6. P

    Hello I'm Paulpro9 aka New420Guy

    I'm Paulpro9 aka New420Guy (on other forums and bud sites). I originally joined 420 Mag in 2013 but only posted a couple of short posts and never got active. I started growing cannabis over 30 years ago and it became my passion. I learned to grow from my friends in Mendocino where I spent my...
  7. B

    Hey I'm Biskit!

    RoorRipI hope all of you are already enjoying the photos of my last grow and my current grow, and appreciate the work that went into breeding and growing my two new strains that are described as trophy worthy by others, I don't know about that but it is really bad ass. I'm hoping to meet like...
  8. Franco.gh

    Franco from Green House seed Co.

    After years spent surfing the pages of this great forum, in an attempt to keep up with the trends and facts of your side of the Atlantic, here I am joining the conversation. For those who never heard of Green house and Franco, have a look at Green House Seed Co. I hope to learn and teach a...
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