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    Ethos Genetics

    have been looking at their strains - but expensive and have found a "bank" that sells 6 seeds for $100.00 that better than $200.00 + for their strains. Just wan to see if anyone has grown any of their strains ? top dollar for top strains ?
  2. George from The Vault

    420 Mag Vaultmas Re-Post + 2 Winners

    Don't worry 420 Maggers, we didn't forget about you. Here we are with a new chance to win x2 5 packs of seeds as part of our Vaultmas offer. As all of our buddies know, Christmas always comes early at The Vault (or late in this case) and this year is no exception. What a year we’ve had...
  3. C

    Biodiversity of cannabis

    Hi folks, I read this article during the weekend and must admit I'm quite worried. What do you think? And what is the solution according to you ??
  4. GYOSeedBank

    GYO Seedbank - Breeders Of The Month

    Come and check out the breeders of the month at GYO! Cannabis Seedbanks at GYO Seedbank Also, while you there, check out all our other breeders and specials we have going on! Join the GYO club and get even more goodies! Check us out today or buy for tomorrow!
  5. M

    Who has the best seeds?

    Just looking for opinions on what breeders have the best seeds?
  6. C

    Best reg seed breeders to buy from

    very new on this site its great for info I don't have access to clones or any other growers I stick to myself ,,,need to make a mother but there is so many diff breeders and strains to choose from can anybody help ...looking for indica 50-63 days flowering time easy to clone good for northern...
  7. C

    Clone Only Strains

    Thanks in advance for any and all information shared...I have been searching for this topic with no results, please forgive me if it is out there...I may be just too buzzed to look much longer. I am looking for just a couple strains that flat out rock, but they cannot come from a seed. I live...
  8. B

    HGS or Sannies?

    Well, I think these are the two vendors I would like to try. I have bought from the Attitude once before, but that's about it. I like the strains the Attitude carries, but there are SO many breeders I just feel like the chances of getting a bad pheno are much higher than the desired trait...
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