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  1. Ron Strider

    Denver Cafés CBD-Infused Coffee Might Be the Best Hangover Cure

    The ultimate hangover cure has arrived РCarbon Coffee and Habit Doughnut Dispensary are brewing beans a little bit differently. The doughnut, internet-caf̩ hybrid Рwhich is not a marijuana dispensary as the name might suggest Рis now pouring a nitro cold brew coffee infused with CBD oil...
  2. K

    CA: San Francisco Cannabis Drink Company Launches Marijuana Cold Brew

    Weed-infused coffee pods hit the market early this year, but for coffee drinkers looking for a stronger batch, new cannabis beverage company Somatik recently partnered with Ritual Coffee to launch its first product, marijuana cold brew. Somatik, which markets itself as a medical cannabis...
  3. R

    Seattle: Le Herbe Launches Line Of Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

    Le Herbe has a New Year's Resolution for the coffee and cannabis connoisseurs, Cold Brew Coffee. Inspired by the famous Café Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Le Herbe combines certified natural cannabis extracts, chicory and vanilla bean to this cold brew coffee which will be...
  4. LeafLady

    Trade Secret: Compost Tea Recipe

    :420: Hello 420mag users! :420: LeafLady here again. For those of you who don't know us, LeafLady is our alias here @420mag and logo for our Bay Area Cannabis dispensary. We try to use the best methods of growing available. This time we'll show you how we make the best Compost Tea for...
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