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  1. P

    SOS! Dry brittle leaves after spraying with peroxide

    Help!! I am freaking out right now. To combat PWM issues in the middle of third wk of flowering, I read using peroxide, 3% is good. Without diluting to 1gal to 1cup, my partner used just peroxide. Now, the next day, all the leaves are dry and are brittle. How can the plant be saved? Spray...
  2. LapRocket

    I'm thinking P-K and Cal Mag?

    Greetings! Soiless hydro grow, Temps are kind of high due to the heat wave we had, 85°-86°f, humidity maintained around 60%, pH was a little higher than I like 6.5, veg in h-o fluorescent, flower in hps. Quite odd behavior. My girls start with some slight discoloration and yellowing, then...
  3. W

    First Grow Complications - Help Please

    5 of my 6 Amnesia Haze plants have developed a yellowish chlorosis. This symptom appeared eight days ago and has gradually increased in severity. The most severely afflicted leaves are brittle. I have ruled out heat stress and light burn as the air temperature is ideal. My leading theory is...
  4. N

    So I harvested

    i let it dry hanging upside down for 3 days when i checked it this morning it was all brittle and fell apart whats the deal?
  5. M

    Tiny black spots on my leaves

    Recently after starting to see the leaves from my 2 clones starting to get brittle , i took a close look at their leaves and i noticed that they were covered in black spots they appear to be small bugs eating the leaves, and when i took a separate leaf and sprayed it with a chemical...
  6. I

    can someone tell me why my leaves are drooping?

    This is my first grow, aside from just tossing seeds outside and seeing what happens. I am growing indoors with coco coir. I water with distilled water every 1-2 days. I'm using cfl's (4 45 watts and 2 15 watts). I supplement them with sun light as much as I can. At least every day. I currently...
  7. N

    Dry Buds. Help!

    Hi, I need some advice, quickly! I harvested four days ago and placed branches in paper bags. I rotated them twice per day and was going to finish trimming and put in jars but they dried really quick this time and are brittle. How can I re-moisten them? :thankyou:
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