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  1. B

    Broke top of plant off - Can I save the top?

    Hello all, I broke the top of a plant off trying to knuckle it..how can I save the top? Thanks in advance
  2. B

    Question about the Biobizz feeding schedule .

    sorry for the maybe stupid question but i dont really understand when to start using biobloom does it mean 3 weeks from seedling?i mean "from the moment it broke ground" or 3 weeks from the moment the first real leaves grow? i really dont understand this part .. and i'm afraid i might have...
  3. kelbybricker

    Yellow Seedling

    Hey everyone, this is my first post I just planted three beans 2 days ago The first day two of them broke the surface and look extremely healthy However the third one just broke. I turned on the lights to see it is all yellow and has a little bit of purplish on the cotylon leaves. This is...
  4. R

    Can LED stage lighting be used in grow room?

    I am noobe and wondering if I can use the led lights from my band that just broke up for lighting on my plants. Anybody ever tried this. thanks
  5. D

    Taproot broke at seedling stage

    Hi there im new ... i just planted my seed yesterday and until now it even came out of the soil now i checked it and it seems the taproot got broke ... will it survive ? Its all broke you know... idk what to do.. This is how it looks like..
  6. Bacondoggy

    First Grow - Low Budget - Advice Welcome

    I am slowly getting everything together for my first grow, I have been researching it a LOT. I am 35, but I have bad pancreatitis chronic on acute, and I want to try to grow bc I want to stop taking pain meds. I also was an airborne paratrooper and I messed my back up from jumping out of planes...
  7. R


    hey does anyone know if my seedilng is ok if i broke the tap root , should i still plant??