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broken stem

  1. T

    Need Advice or help with first grow

    This is my first grow and basicly I accidentally had the led light on both GROWTH and the BLOOM setting at the same time for 18H per day first mistake then the cylinder cent thing fell from the fan and cracked and bent the main stem on my biggest plant so I cut the stem off (fml) and now I am...
  2. zip tie fix

    zip tie fix

    stem split fix
  3. wax strip fix

    wax strip fix

    fix method 2
  4. Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Kind of a thing of beauty Organic Honey Natural beeswax Hemp Wick
  5. B

    Help! Sour D - Day 40 and I broke one of the topped main stems!

    I accidentally snapped one of my plants main stems guys, almost like super cropping but I put tape and kept it in the upright position. It just happened an he ago so I'm wondering if I should leave it straight up or put it back bent. PLEASE ANY ADVICE????
  6. Vestrimatrik

    Help me please!

    Just opened my tent this morning to find this. :yikes: Any ideas on how to fix this? She is already 2 weeks into flower! :oops: For now I tied it up, wet the wound, and tried sealing it with a ton of electrical tape till I get a better idea.
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