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  1. Ron Strider

    Brooklyn DA's Pledge To Reduce Marijuana Prosecutions Makes Little Difference

    In 2014, Brooklyn's new District Attorney Ken Thompson made national headlines when he said his office would decline to prosecute low-level marijuana cases, so long as the defendant had no serious criminal record and wasn't selling the drug. Noting that two-thirds of these misdemeanor cases...
  2. Ron Strider

    NY: Brooklyn's Decriminalization Success Proves Jeff Sessions Wrong

    Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a return to federal drug policies that, beginning in the 1980's, led to mass incarceration and the dubious distinction of making the United States the world's biggest jailer. The policies that comprised the "War on Drugs" incurred enormous...
  3. M

    Small Guerrilla Grow - Need Advice

    Hello bois and ladies. Im new to to guerilla grow. So be gentle. Thing is i do a little guerilla grow (DP-Brooklyn Sunrise Auto and Auto Cheese from Dinafem). Both strains are around 40 sativa/ 40 indica hybrids i think. Brooklyn Sunrise started to flower around week ago. And Cheese just now...